3 thoughts on “The Faux Climate Crisis”

  1. The psychological injuries to children associated with climate change are featured prominently by Our Children’s Trust which is “representing and supporting youth securing their legal rights to a safe climate.”

    “Safe” Climate WTF? What about killer asteroids? Why not make all ELE’s illegal while we’re at it?

    Face it, existence may be a self-evident right, but it’s not under warranty.

  2. ” actual climate science seems to be ignored in the curricula. Further, there is an explicit objective that students should respond through activism. ”

    That is because it is a religious cult that seeks to overthrow civilization, aka capitalism, and install a global dictatorship.

  3. “In the longer term, all of this propaganda and brainwashing will backfire when it becomes apparent in a decade or two that there is no climate catastrophe, and young adults are rebelling against the ‘establishment’.”

    Except that it hasn’t backfired already after decades of failed predictions. There is no reason to think that the Progressive Marxists will change as they are continuously proved wrong time and time again in the future.

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