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  1. Recycling is perhaps an under appreciated technology. The formula is: 1/(1-r) where r is the recycling efficiency. For example, the ISS has a 93% recycling efficiency for their water. This means that one liter of water that is recycled would las as long as 14.3 liters that is not recycled. So, for 98% recycling efficiency, that is the equivalent of sending 50x more water. And/or it means having to do 50x less water ISRU. Depending upon how much of one’s payload one recycles, this could be an important factor in bringing down the cost of a permanent base / settlement along side reduces launch costs.

    1. Thanks for the info. That kind of recycling efficiency would also be very helpful in reducing mass for a crewed spacecraft on a long journey such as between Earth and Mars. Every liter of water saved is a kilogram less mass, which when combined with the propellant required to accelerate that additional mass, it becomes a big savings. Of course, we have to factor in the mass of the recycling equipment.

  2. Should be easier in a gravity field. Hopefully, 1/3rd G will stop people from pissing out their bones by excreting phosphorous and calcium through urination.

    1. Rat studies in which their hind limbs were partially suspended to simulate Martian 3/8th gravity resulted in osteoporosis. So unfortunately more than a little artificial gravity will probably be needed.

  3. Bed rest and dangling rats prove less than nothing, nor can we be sure rotating space stations will accomplish anything. The only way we’re going to find out is surface of Mars studies with volunteers. That will be cheaper than building Kalpana One. Then we’ll know. Giving birth to doomed babies on Mars is worse than post-birth abortion how?

    1. Giving birth on Mars will be a learning experience we can use to survive. Any abortion ruins any possible gain.

    2. –William Barton
      November 12, 2022 at 8:08 AM

      Bed rest and dangling rats prove less than nothing, nor can we be sure rotating space stations will accomplish anything.–

      Rotating stations might not “accomplish anything”
      but they could provide evidence the degree they are
      worthless or what works and what doesn’t.
      Don’t design a build a rotating station which costs billions. Design something cheap and launch it to LEO- and stuff other rotating station effect upon human health can also tested or be part of it.
      And over the years, NASA probably wasted a lot time and money testing this in the wrong location- on Earth.
      Think of man hours not wasted in the future decades, continuing doing the stupid of testing it on Earth.

  4. The whole human experimentation thing is really hilarious. If you were a condemned criminal, what would you agree to? Especially if the alternative was electrocution (which is probably not painless)? But meanwhile, pouring mascara in the eyes of poor, wittle bunnies and flushing almost-babies down the john is just part of doing business?

    I wonder how many female SpaceX employees would be willing to give it a try? (Pointless to ask the men. Mars *and* pussy? Where do I sign up??)

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