2 thoughts on “Gen Z”

  1. My observation was that the people least at risk for COVID were the most paranoid and supportive of restrictions. Would campaigning on the COVID response have peeled away some of the youth? Maybe but not a lot.

    What people on the right did do, was campaign on recipients of the student loan bailout as being pos’s. Politicians, media, and commenters relentlessly attacked this group. These were people who were not responsible for the policy and had no control over it and weren’t even the primary beneficiaries. Rather than go after the powerful parties that were responsible and would benefit, who also don’t get to vote, Republicans attacked the voters with insults instead of using persuasion.

    Republican leadership made a lot of mistakes but so did the regular folk. You can go back and read the comments here or any other site and ask yourself how acting like that toward other people would get them to vote for you or associate with you in a social or professional setting.

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