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  1. That is nice. I’m waiting for PV, O’Keefe, and other political dissidents to get theirs back before giving Musk a pat on the back.

  2. Maybe, when Mr. Musk wanted to back out of the 44 billion dollar purchase of Twitter, Twitter should have just let him back out?

    Just asking.

    1. It was a con. Musk is the mark. The people at the top of Twitter knew these cost-cutting measures needed to be done, and if they did them, they would be hated and probably out of a job anyhow. So they found themselves a chump to do their dirty work. No way they were letting him off once he was hooked.

      Maybe they didn’t get their anticipated “golden parachutes”, but they’re still gonna be considered heroes by all the right people. They will also be hired by their friends for even better pay.

      1. Compare to making a global internet, Twitter cost less money and more easily make more money, quicker.
        Or by end of year, starlink will have about 1 million subscribers, and seems to having problem making enough gear in order to get the starlink signal- when is he going to get enough for 5 million.
        Twitter instantly gets him more eyeballs- and the way twitter was being run, he might have banned from Twitter. Can’t ban him, if he owns it.

  3. Step 1: Go Sulla on all executive-level trash and the really dangerous departments outright. Eat the severance cost, it’s worth it.
    Step 2: Make it very clear that the corporate culture has changed and anyone who doesn’t like you will not like working here. They quit for free! It’s the bored high school boyfriend play – way cleaner to make her break up with you!
    Step 3: At this point your corporate makeup is a typical Musk startup c. year 8 or so. A thousand or two true believers ready to change the world.

    I expect Twitter will announce generous employee equity programs within a year, once the dead weight and toxic waste are fully purged. It will either die quickly or – more likely – become the obvious top choice for young engineers who want to do social media but don’t want to deal with woke corporate bullshit. If that’s even 20% of Gen Z, it’s more than enough.

    1. Roga, that only works if people actually want to work at Twitter over similar companies. With SpaceX or Tesla, you’re doing something that had never been done before. With Twitter, what’s the non-monetary attraction to working there? Your current boss not awful enough?

      1. Twitter will go all in A/V. More video content 30s. You’ll get what I once saw referred to a Blitverts (A SciFiction reference?). Super short video ads. TikTok is the target. The pressure is building to ban TikTok and take it domestic. But that will only succeed if Twitter can out innovate TikTok. They’ll have to do that by taking on subject matter that the CCP will not allow on TikTok to gain the competitive advantage. Some cool stuff might be made available if you have VR goggles. But the move to video is the key innovation needed. The ability to chain threads and videos, super linkage via topic and subject matter using AI. Better tweet lookup utilities. There’s a ton of stuff that can happen here. Honestly tho, Musk might have been better off to have founded a competing entity from the get-go rather than lead a dinosaur to water…

        Disclaimer: Not a Twitter User. I’m not a big fan of social media.

        1. Wow, WP did something weird with my post*. What I had entered in the text box that didn’t appear after posting: Most video tweets will be at or under 15s. A 30s video tweet will be a premium service only.

          *I forgot WP intercepts angle brackets, like trying to use less than or equal to symbol. I know there is a way to get that to display but I didn’t want to look it up.

  4. Sounds like Twitter was a bloated, money-losing mess. Musk will either kill it or save it. That was true for the former owners also, but with Elon it will be much more entertaining along the way.

  5. Time to ban the noted fake-news distributor, Joe Biden…And his family, administration, and sycophants.

  6. So far, Elon has unbanned Trump, Babylon Bee, and Project Veritas. Leftist heads are going off like a San Deigo fireworks display.

  7. Reports are encouraging, though if only selected celebrities and well-known banned accounts are reinstated, it’s not really a pantheon of free speech. Time will tell.

  8. Don’t expect much. If he lets Alex Jones back then I’ll be more optimistic that free speech on Twitter is actually a thing.

  9. It only took Twitter being bought by Musk for the company to crack down on child sex trafficking. Why would a Democrat company allow child sex trafficking to thrive on their party platform? Why did the FBI not do something about it?

    1. The FBI was probably running it. For the amount of child sex trafficking that occurs in the United States, the FBI seems only able to stop a few cases in any given year. But they seem on top of the prayer on sidewalk in front of abortion clinic crimes.

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