7 thoughts on “Greg Bear”

  1. I particularly enjoyed his fantasy work The Infinity Concerto(1984) and its sequel The Serpent Mage(1986). The fantasy offerings then had been running Tolkien-cloned elves and Shammara lookalikes so it was a breath of fresh air.

  2. I knew most everybody in the SF/F world in my heyday, though the world kind of divided into friends/enemies I knew well and people I’d only met and talked to a few times. Greg Bear and David Brin were kind to me, provided cover blurbs and in Brin’s case doing a major venue book review with the snazzy title, “William Barton shines a spotlight on the dark heart of military sf.” Bear seemed to like the way I integrated real physics and technology into what many thought of as “outer space porn.”

  3. I found “Quantico” and “Vitals” to be terrifying.
    Condolences to Astrid. It has been a long time since we lost her dad, the late, great, Poul Anderson.

  4. A shame. Wasn’t he the author of the novels about the asteroid with an infinite tunnel down its center, from which you could enter all alternate worlds…?

      1. I guess he could have called it the “Alternate Time Tunnel”

        To start with, the special effects were a hell of a lot better than anything helmed by that ‘shlockmeister-general’ Irwin Allen

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