5 thoughts on “Reinventing The Root Of All Evil”

  1. Cryptocurrency, often described as the digital equivalent of an incorruptible legerdemain.

    Or was that ledger-book? I keep forgetting which….

  2. I seem to remember reading about this in a very old book.

    ” so governments like Australia’s are building a national digital ID system to originate identities, certify attributes, and transfer information between participating services. Identity systems in the U.S. have not reached this stage, but “the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has voted to advance the Improving Digital Identity Act, moving one step further toward legislation that lays the foundation for a national Digital ID system for American citizens.” In the future, you will need ID for everything, except possibly, to vote.”

  3. I find it interesting how screwy some would-be civilization planners are about money. For example, a number of years back, there was a scheme for a post-scarcity economy called “Technocracy” (basically, the smart people were going to virtuously rule the rest of us) that had a huge hang up over money. They solved it by banning money and then bringing it back as a neutered energy-based currency. Since the site that I waybacked to is now dead, I assume that they realized the flaws eventually as well.

  4. If money is the root of all evil, does that mean before money there was no evil and Croesus was Satan? Maybe that’s why Cyrus the Great came and stomped on Lydia? Funnily enough, the original Pauline Christian communities were in Roman Asia, on the former territory of Lydia, which had survived after a fashion as Hellenistic Pergamon…

    (Assuming coins == money and precious metals are trade goods…)

  5. I had forgotten Pergamon is where Hannibal commited suicide after the Romans cornered him. Such an important place to be just ruins in Turkey now. Better than Sparta, the last Rainbow Superpower, not even ruins anymore. Just that old sign at Thermopylae (and even that’s a fake deployed in 1955).

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