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  1. Where are all the other human species that used to exist? Well, we killed them. But we fucked their girlfriends first. As near as anyone can tell, all the human/Neanderthal/Denisovan/whatever matings were human male and Other female. What the heck. They were probably better than sheep… Years ago, I read an article about a cave bear fossil that was determined to have had syphilis when alive. Someone commented, “I’d hate to run across the MF what gave it to him…”

    1. Successful breeding not necessarily mating. Some interesting reasons why that might be and relevant to how long it would take for humans living off Earth to be incompatible with Earth based humans, although that might be for different reasons than the failed couplings of humans/Neanderthals/Denisovans.

        1. We don’t know what was going on between the different groups but they likely interacted as other human groups have with males and females from both groups mating. Because of the small sample size, there is a lot we don’t know. There could be groups that were genetic dead ends.

          In this context, there is a distinction between mating and breeding. There could be unfruitful unions or unions where the offspring had fertility problems. It is likely that hybrid males had fertility problems but that wouldn’t stop others similar to their parents from mating. It would stop those hybrid males from contributing DNA.

          Timing is important too. Earlier encounters between the different groups would have a greater chance of breeding success as there wouldn’t be as many DNA mutations that lead to incompatibility. There is at least one example of a male Neanderthal procreating with a human female about 200,000 years ago. Usually when people talk about humans and Neanderthals, it is in the time frame of about 40,000 years ago.

          It could be that Neanderthal contributions, or a portion of it, to our DNA came from earlier encounters in Africa or Eurasia. I don’t know. It is all a lot to keep straight with new discoveries and which academic theory or discovery is being proved or disproved.

  2. In the far future, there will be the cyborgs.

    There will also be the non-cyborgs who do not want to pay the 8 (10^12) dollars/month.

    1. There will be cyborgs who got their chrome for their military service and yeah they’ve tried getting into private security but those guys are all organised now. So yeah, maybe they snatch a few bags now and then… it’s the least this country owes ’em. Also one of them can hack stuff… There’s hacking. It’s Cyber okay?

  3. The future of humans depend on human females or males which are females.
    Will a human female marry a AI?
    Why not? Assuming AI can support her children.
    Females which don’t want children, are basically males.
    And males that want children, could have children.
    A female AI, would be making AI, as in, a factory.
    In terms human cyborgs, we already there. You are just talking about “improvements”.

    It seems only question is can AI actually make bureaucracies, “work”.
    I have my doubts.

    1. “South Korea spent $200 billion, but it can’t pay people enough to have a baby”

      You can’t pay women enough.
      You could probably paid enough to a women to have
      baby, and then find and pay other people to raise the kid.
      {and North Korea woman would give you her baby for free- rather then having them starve to death- in that case you probably have to pay off the North Korea State.}

  4. My good friend McCoy Pauley just made a small fortune selling something called his “personality profile” to some corporate data storage company. Neither of us can figure the value in that.

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