5 thoughts on “The Media Treats The Fraudster With Kid Gloves”

  1. He’s a rich brat from an extremely wealthy and well-connected family. Why would he ever think about risk when he’s been completely insulated from it for his entire life? People like that treat everything as a game because their whole life experience teaches them that they are immune to consequences.

  2. Just like Justin Turdeau in Canada, a trust fund baby that makes money off the vaxx, who thinks that budgets balance themselves.

  3. He ran an exchange that didn’t actually conduct trades but took people’s money and displayed a fake ledger. Everyone involved needs to go to jail for a long long time, certainly longer than Martha Stewart.

  4. It is interesting how crypto businesses have vastly accelerated dynamics (business lifespans and boom/busts, for example), Here, this guy made this huge mess in only three years. I think it shows the mercenary and vapid nature of US politics. Wave millions around and you can get a quality experience.

    I think more that he might be getting treated gently, not as service for payment or because he pushed the right buttons, but because it would embarrass a lot of people who latched onto him.

    1. That embarrassment include the possible use of his company to launder aid to the Ukraine and turn it into Democratic party contributions?

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