5 thoughts on “A Good Start”

  1. I predict a disaster once the folks with PhDs in business administration, information systems, industrial engineering, and of course MBAs finally retire from the DMV. If you think getting a drivers license is bad now, just wait!

  2. OK, … Add this to the same thing in Maryland, and we have 2 out of 50 States.

    It’s a beginning that can be an excellent lever.

    What I wonder is, when do we see the reaction from inside the Universities, and what form will it take?

    We need to pass knowledge to the next generation, but not through institutions that were started in 1088A.D. to churn out government clerks. Far better they be market network oriented than political hierarchy oriented. We see several crude possibilities online at present, and there is always the point that Home-schooling by families with the determination to allot their time to it are finally getting many supplements online.

    What is yet lacking is searchable recordings of demonstrations of competence at tasks needing expression in the labor markets. How hard is that? Hmmmmm!

    1. As a homeschooling parent, I’m constantly amazed by the whole “But it takes a lot of time!” trope.

      Consider how badly you need to be doing to be unable to match in an hour or so the utility of what some third tier government brainwash victim accomplishes with your child in the 6ish hours of formal daily instruction time. Now add in travel time and absolutely pointless, make-work, homework every night.

      We’ve got schoolie friends, and hearing about the time sink of homework, even assuming it had positive value, makes it clear that the time commitment for homeschooling is not onerous compared to government schools.

      There is, of course, a caveat: non-government schools may do far better than g-schools. They may also do far worse, but I don’t hear about that much.

      There’s also the consideration that you’ll be spending some time with your offspring. If that in itself fails to appeal then just admit you want daycare and move on.

      Point of trivia: The very first episode of The Addams Family (1964) concerns the truant folks disapproving of said Family educating their own children. It’s not a new topic.

  3. I think the solution will have to do with a hard buffer between education and testing. Learn however you want – internet, university, reading by the fireplace, whatever – but the testing of knowledge gets done by one or hopefully many more agencies representing the end users (ie, employers) who need people credentialed in their particular field. The universities have been writing their own report card for centuries now and it needs to stop.

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