New Linux Problem

When I did the latest Fedora install, it created a home directory for me called “randsimberg.” I always name my directory “simberg,” so I did a ‘mv randsimberg simberg’. Now I can’t launch a terminal, because the bash script is looking for the “randsimberg” directory.


3 thoughts on “New Linux Problem”

  1. Normally, a user directory would be /home/username. You actually change /home to something else? Like to live dangerously? You could try renaming the directory back to randsimberg in Nautilus (or whatever file manager you use). Then you can make a new user. Whenever you add a new user, does that user’s home directory show up as a subdirectory of simberg? Or is it in /home/whtashisname?

    1. It’s complicated, but I straightened it out. I had to create a temporary user, move all my files into that user’s /home directory, then create a new user with the right name, then copy the files into that one, and eventually I got it to recognize me with the right username/login.

  2. When you do the install, doesn’t it ask you for the username you want to use?

    Whenever I install Ubuntu it does.

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