8 thoughts on “A Wrap Up of 2022”

    1. I was expecting worn out same-old/same-old from Mr. Barry, but I was surprised that he is not quite yet, fully depleted.

      Yes, Dave Barry has essentially one joke that he tells, over and over and over again.

      But as far as satire goes, I think his remarks are well calibrated. Mr. DeSantis flying people to Martha’s Vineyard was a self-agrandizing stunt, the people on Martha’s Vineyard are sanctimonious hypocrites, and member of the Biden Administration indeed have their fingers in their ears and are calling out, “La, la, la, la, la” in response to any questions about the humanitarian crisis of their making at the border.

      1. “self-agrandizing stunt”

        But isn’t that, in essence, what ALL politicians do as a matter of course? Some more effectively than others.

      2. Greg Abbott sending several dozen ‘migrants’ to be chilly outside Kamala Harris’s house was white supremacy. Kamala Harris inviting thousands of ‘asylum seekers’ to sleep in the streets in the Rio Grande Valley is social justice.

  1. I honestly forgot that a few of the turds from the first half of the year were actually all part of the same excrement sandwich that was the year 2022.

    Not that, in many ways, it makes 2022 distinct among other years, but my golly what a year of weirdness…

  2. The Year 2022 ends with Jeff Bezos’ Amazon New Item page flogging Michelle Obama’s ‘book’ and the and the ‘January 6 Report’ (helpfully noting that is is FREE Shipping with Amazon Prime) for my online shopping pleasure. Neither of those items were akin to anything I browsed for recently…

    The Medium is the Message when AI can tailor the medium, right? I was hoping for flying cars and a Lunar Colony in the 21st Century…

  3. This year Oberlin College succeeded in delaying any pay out to its victims, the Gibson Bake Shop and family, until the family grandfather and father had died.

    This year, too, Michael Mann succeed in delaying trial of his lawsuit against our host and co-defendent Mark Steyn, until Steyn has been incapacitated by back-to-back heart attacks. (Mann, in previous years, delayed paying the Canadian (British Columbia) courts assigned costs to Tim Ball — waiting for Ball to die and the issue to become moot.

    Delay is the new “truth”.

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