One thought on ““The Science””

  1. Public Heath and ‘the science’ behind it is in a state of crisis of confidence now thanks to COVID-19. Because people, rightfully so, lose faith when they know they’ve been lied to, regardless of the intent behind the lies.

    As per using a definite article in front of the word Science, I’m reminded of a lecture I attended in college from the late, great Fred Brooks of IBM (author of The Mythical Man Month). In both the lecture and the book he talked about what are ‘true’ sciences versus those fields that attempt to inflate their academic credential through association with science. Ergo by adding the work ‘science’ to the name of the field, whether it be, Military Science, Political Science or in Brook’s case Computer Science. As opposed to true sciences which have distinct names: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. And so now we have science and then The Science. When I hear someone use the phrase “The Science” I associate it closely with the phrase “The Business” as in giving. Also we know science is never “settled” it is just so far not disproved and always subject to confirmation testing.

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