9 thoughts on “De-Aging”

    1. One of the WEF ladies was on a panel talking about how they need to restrict the calories of the global populace. How many calories? I don’t know but it looks like starvation is on the table.

  1. Suffering does seem to be the cornerstone of a lot of this anti-aging stuff, so going vegan might for it is just clever marketing.

  2. You may recall the story …

    A man asks his doctor “Doc, will I live to be a hundred?”
    Doc asks “Do you smoke?” “No.” “Do you drink?”, “No.” “Do you chase women?” The guy replies “No!”

    Doctor says, “Then why do you want to live to a hundred?”

    1. Heh. You won’t actually live longer on a calorie-restricted vegan diet, but it will sure seem that way.

  3. I’d just like to note that of all the extremely long lived people I know, NONE of them are vegan. They aren’t overweight, but they aren’t on any crazy diet either.

  4. The population of Hongkong has one of the highest levels of longevity and highest meat consumption.

    There is probably some value in occasional fasting for autophagy and longevity but meat is health food.

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