6 thoughts on “The Assault Of Environmentalism”

  1. A long article that I, admittedly, skimmed faster and faster as I went, but I am not sure why he singles out plutocrats for villainy when bureaucrats have just as much to gain from these green policies. Sure, you can blame the policies on the collection of Scrooge McDucks that gather at Davos, along with Masons and the CFR, trying to increase their profits by impoverishing their customers (?!), but said policies are also explained by the fact that the bureaucrats and their pets in the legislatures have to feed their loved ones too and are therefore desperate to keep their jobs.

    That’s how I see it, anyhow.

  2. I thought that the Kosher Laws didn’t even allow eating shrimp let alone crickets.

    How is cricket powder sneaked into food going to work out with people’s religion doesn’t allow it?

    1. I’m not Jewish myself, but a little searching online brings up the Chagav, which is a group of eight species of locusts which can be considered Kosher (though not by all sects), and are a popular snack food in Israel. YMMV on this, as always.

      1. You mean like John the Baptist eating locust and honey?


        Maybe I will eat locusts for Lent.

  3. I’m reminded of a time I was disagreeing with someone over the improvements in pollution over the last half century. They had this to say:

    May you be cursed to live 400 years, forced to eat bug paste and breathe through a machine because the air quality is incompatible with life, all because we’ve let ourselves be led around by psychopaths who are a decade or two from certain death themselves.

    I see we have the bug paste now though I expect the rest to be some distance off. The irony here is that it wasn’t my plenteous mental failwaves that led to this “curse”, but the schemes of green politicians.

    Thus comes the great Bug Paste Utopia where greens are always right.

    As an aside, wasn’t eating bugs already legal in the EU? Are they transitioning to a phase where even doing ideologically correct things requires explicit permission from the state? Seems a bit fragile to me.

  4. BANANA — Build Anywhere Not Anywhere Near Anyone.
    When you allow the principle of the Heckler’s Veto to rule you see nothing being done …And then the Heckler’s blame Someone Else™ for prosperity disappearing and corruption ruling.

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