5 thoughts on “Mark Steyn”

  1. Whew! Good to see him back, and vigorous as ever. It is great that you two will finally, finally get your day in court.

    1. What do you mean as vigorous as ever?

      Do you guys have any idea of what happens to a person after two heart attacks?

      Well, maybe you do! I don’t think there is anybody here who is not under the care of a cardiologist, and in our Managed Care medical system, you don’t get sent to a cardiologist until you have been treated for something serious.

      And Mr. Stein had one heart attack in one Third World health-care system (NHS) and a second more serious one in another (whatever they have in France that treated Diana Spencer).

      Does a person think that what you get “over there” is anything like the punching in 9-1-1 and 15 minutes later being attended by a phalanx of health-care personnel in a trauma room, and 15 minutes after that being under an x-ray fluoroscope while a procedures-specialist starts playing paddle ball with your right-coronary artery in your beating heart?

      Who, me? I am remarking on the experience “of a friend.”

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