4 thoughts on “Russian Oligarchs In Ukraine”

  1. I don’t quite seem to remember anyone ever thanking the Tsar for any ash heaps they were awarded as plunder pre-revolution.

      1. Reminds me of some of the modern fantasy stories about vampires. The Ukrainian war would probably be explained as Russian vampires trying to conduct a punitive expedition behind the scenes against their Ukrainian subordinates and then finding that the Ukrainian vampires had allied with the EU and US vampires. That’s the dapper and scrappy vampires for those with score cards. They stood no chance.

  2. Hmm, the maps in that thread show that Russia wasn’t planning to take all of Ukraine much less storm the NATO countries. I’m sure they would take what they could, even if that was more than they planned on but it looks like they wont be getting their land bridge, at least that’s how it looks right now.

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