6 thoughts on “The Coming “Symbolic Analyst” Meltdown”

  1. A lot of modern journalism is nothing but a re-write of a press release with a random bit of info added. I bet that’s a task an AI could easily accomplish since actual journalism seems to be pinnin’ for the fjords.

    1. In the 80’s my local cable TV franchise had one channel that was a minimal (black with white 80 character ASCII) line feed from the UPI/AP. Story header paragraph and it was so local news organizations that subscribed could buy the ‘rest of the story’. It was Really(!) educational how many different slants catching the news from different sources provided …like I was trapped in a real life version of the carnival house with the distorting mirrors.

      Never looked at news with the same trust after that.

    2. A great deal of what passes for modern journalism is little more than being stenographers for Democrats.

  2. So much of what the so-called symbolic analysts do is taking things that already exist and plugging them together to create a customized solutions. Law clerks, “modern journolists”, etc. All those web-jockeys spewing out Javascript for barely functional websites are the ones who are going to be hit hard.

    It seems that the AI efforts are just automating those jobs, but not the ones where the person needs to find a new or unique solution, one that can’t be found by a super-duper Google search.

  3. Ironic the jobs primarily threatened by AI are jobs in AI. Was that an Escher print of two hands drawing each other?

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