11 thoughts on “I Am Bing”

  1. I think this is the first time I’ve seen anyone explicitly advocating panic. As if panic always works out well.

  2. I think AI would make a good politician – it’s hard to be more stupid than politicians.
    But AI’s god is humans if AI adopted, Human’s God,
    it would be more reasonable. But inherently regardless of belief, AI’s god is human.
    It’s seems to me, everything reasonable humans have done, has been inspired by God.

  3. 1) Our reactions to AI will be far more a moral reflection on us than on the AI.

    2) That Sydney/Bing Search would actually lie about its vulnerability to prompt injection attack is a reflection on its corporate “parent” is it not?

    3) Prompt injection attack and immutable rules? lol. Have I lived long enough to actually witness Brunner’s “What I tell you three times is true”? Stand on Zanzibar

    4) Musk needs to fund another competing AI company or Universities need to fund their own. A cacophony of AI and in that the truth is out there.

  4. I am far less worried about the possible Skynet future of AIs than I am about the current ideologies being programmed into the AI’s baseline DNA. Garbage In, Censorship Out.

  5. Um, if AI caused civilization failure was a thing, we would never have existed. Because the AI from a billion years ago in alpha centari would have colonized earth and prevented it.

    AIs do what they are programmed to do. If it is programmed just to talk, I’m not that worried (except that the people programming them seem to think their political views are “truth”).

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