4 thoughts on “Transforming The Universities”

  1. The article is just a bit silly. If you had the political ability and will to set up this UEC, it would probably no longer be necessary. It would be just as easy and far more practical to defund education at the federal level, rather than leave another bureacracy to be taken over by your enemies.

    1. It could be my OCD speaking, but the original Modest Proposal was about presenting a nasty consequence of starving a bunch of Irish in a particularly offensive way. Not some convenient authoritarian solution that the problems of academia wouldn’t mind using once the bureaucracy were targeting the right people.

      Here, we could be combating the unexpected and unfair unemployment of gender studies graduates by deploying them as a street-level wealth redistribution squad from those who have to those who need. Save a TV for me!

      And once wealth redistribution has been solved, they could be repurposed as cave excavation specialists because the more equal members of society need someone else to be digging those cave dwellings.

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