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  1. I find it funny that Cofnas makes the point that academia has traditionally been cultic (in the technical sense of the word), and then spends the rest of his essay, and probably his life, trying to drain the swamp with a teaspoon.

      1. As Cofnas wrote, American colleges were traditionally established by and for Christian sects. It was common for people to attend a college belonging to their own denominations. BYU is perhaps the best known example of this today.

        Liberty University tries to integrate Biblical religion in the syllabus of every class in every department. Wokes do the same at both private and public institutions. It is legal because wokeness is not called a religion. Yet it has paid theoreticians and functionaries, sacred and taboo words, and rituals. E.g. the pronouns, the land acknowledgements, and the oaths now written by faithful medical students and meant to be obeyed by all. Columbia and Minnesota medical schools publish their oaths on their websites. Here are video clips from their ceremonies.



  2. State sponsored institutions like Universities and colleges along with those with significant private endowments will not surprisingly turn out more of the socialist redistributive same.

    What we need are more vertically integrated schools as part of the capitalist system. Enlightened companies that realize the only way to retain world-class status is through educating more of their own via generous scholarships and a curriculum that sticks to the knitting.

    Remember DeVry? I believe it’s still in operation. Not my ideal but in the better role.

    For those that attend such institutions they should be able to say: “No I don’t have a name brand credential. I have a certificate that gets me access to 180K/yr career as a starter.”

  3. There’s no road back from having allowed the Progressives and Neocons to define the narrative and take control. At some point, the only viable response to being called a racist and/or sexist is to ask, “And your point would be?” Racism and sexism are backed by theories. Misogyny is beloved of Intersectionals because it has no basis in reality. The only misogynists I’ve ever met were gay men and heterosexual women. Misogyny is based on jealousy. Racism and sexism are based on quantifiable data. The only question is, to what degree can public policy be based on such facts? And the point of that is, wokeism uses the same facts to reach the same conclusions. The Big Lie is that it’s otherwise.

    1. It seems the road has taken, is more parents are home schooling their children.

      But in terms governmental policy- school choice- governmental educational dollars follow the student depending on the school that is chosen.

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