7 thoughts on “Renaming The Webb Telescope”

  1. Maybe we should just stop the naming of these projects after people? That way we won’t have to worry about their wrongthink being discovered in the future.

    1. National scientific projects should be named after prominent scientists, never politicians or bureaucrats. For that matter, nothing involving taxpayer money should be named after politicians or bureaucrats. There are plenty of worthy astronomers and astrophysicists worthy of being honored with their name on a project.

  2. Around here (Long Island), there is a thing they do where random existing highway overpasses get named for dead police officers or firefighters or maybe a military unit. A couple of signs go up, the politicians turn out for a little ceremony for the press, and it is never mentioned again. They cannot even be bothered to repaint the overpass for the ceremony.

  3. In Boston & environs, a sign will suddenly pop up naming a concrete island at a road crossing “Lt.Col. XYZ Square.” It’s convenient for a few votes in a city district.

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