5 thoughts on “The Border Problem”

  1. I think that the Afghanistan debacle is also an impeachable offense.

    I don’t think it is. Unless there’s evidence that reveals it to have been a deliberate screwup, I think it’s far more plausible the the Afghanistan debacle was the result of massive incompetence, stupidity, and overconfidence by the self-proclaimed geniuses of the Biden administration. The Constitution doesn’t seem to allow impeachment for that, only for “high crimes and misdemeanors” — possibly because the Founders never imagined that the nation would elect someone so lacking in integrity that he wouldn’t resign out of shame.

    1. “The Constitution doesn’t seem to allow impeachment for that, only for “high crimes and misdemeanors””

      That historically was the Constitutional standard before the dems impeached Trump twice; the first time largely for a phone call. Law as I am sure you know works on precedent; once a legal action is taken and it is upheld it becomes the new standard. Post Trump impeachment(s) gross incompetence and dereliction of duty (border crisis/Afghanistan withdrawal) debacles are definitely impeachable offenses. Sixty four dollar Question is does McCarthy have the votes to impeach? Just a few RINO turncoat votes on the Republican side and you are looking at an embarrassing rebuke.

  2. Ain’t gonna happen, though it is quite clear the Dems are going to ditch Biden. He won’t be running for re-election. Seems like Newsome is in the lead at the moment, but who knows what dark-horse will appear.

  3. A Biden impeachment would “would grip the nation’s attention”? Really? Just how would that happen? “The nation” is largely unaware of the biggest political scandal in American history, the international Biden money laundering scheme through Ukraine, China, et al. It is also largely unaware of the environmental catastrophe in Palestine, Ohio, and the federal government’s complete lack of response. Why? Because the Democrat public relations organ known as the “mainstream media” have devoted exactly zero coverage to them. If you don’t watch Fox or Newsmax (which you almost can’t), you wouldn’t know. National Review may still be delusional enough to believe that it could “grip the nation” by writing to its 30 or 40 readers, but I can tell you this: even if it reached anyone, it would immediately undo any positive effect by opposing Trump, should he be the Republican nominee, over whoever the Democrats put up – including Biden.

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