10 thoughts on “Rocket Science”

  1. What people forget is that this is a language A.I. not a science A.I. It would be similar to have your Tech writer do an engineers job. They may use the correct words but they don’t understand the concepts behind those words. (and before the hate mail starts I have met and worked with Tech writers that could do an engineers job but they are rare and should be treated as an endangered species)

    1. So I take these piles of words and sort and stack them together in a way that looks like it conforms to the stack of words that approximate the question. Then I keep refining my pile by adding or removing or rearranging my little pile of words until I get a pat on the back. Then I remember those stacks the next time I encounter that question pile.

    1. Why not? If I’m an AI you are constantly reworking MY brain. Why not YOURS? After all fair is fair…

  2. Take a look at ‘war reporting’ by supposedly competent humans. Eye opening and always make me think that they should be sent to boot camp before they are allowed near a keyboard …”This My Rifle, This My Gun” (Full Metal Jacket).

  3. That’s because AI has been designed for rocket surgery.

    But what I really want to know is how this replacement for Google’s search results webpage, which biases the results to favor those who buy ads from Google, will present those ads and other forms of monetization.

  4. Heh. I’ve had dealings with people who are allegedly rocket scientists and they can’t even understand how sonic orifices in series work. But hey, I don’t have any letters after my name, so what the hell do I know? Other than seven generations of rocket igniters, 13 engine designs built and tested, and 66 flights of two manned rocket planes flying on the engines that I DESIGNED AND TESTED.

    I have absolutely nothing to fear from word salad generators.

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