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  1. Wait wait wait. The media and government? Both of those two institutions belong to another group that controls their actions, the Democrat party.

    Why would the Democrats hide the truth? In part because Democrats in government might have helped fund the research but mostly because the truth would have helped Trump. Millions dead don’t matter to the Democrats, only power and the long march to Progressive Marxist Dystopia.

    People capable of lying about this and punishing people who spoke the truth are morally capable of cheating in an election and as we saw with the way Democrats treated their fellow Americans, fill ditches with bodies.

  2. I seriously wonder what is in that classified intelligence report that hasn’t already been discussed here in depth nearly two years ago. And from cites from WIV’s Shi Zhengli’s own published paper I’ve previously cited here that describes serial passage and infection work on humanized mice that have human ACE2 receptors. Work that Dr. Fauci assures us has nothing to do with gain of function. Check the acknowledgments section of that paper for who helped support her work. I’m not accusing her specifically. But the CCP has been far from transparent when it comes to allowing an inquiry into the WIV and how it operated. The WHO just recently gave up trying to find out. Nicholas Wade’s white paper still stands out as outstanding work on this topic.

    1. At the risk of posting to an old thread, I’m just pedantic enough not to let old misinformation I contributed remain behind in any form, especially on a blog so here goes.

      I went back and reviewed the original paper cited above from Dr. Shi Zhengli (I will include links below for reference, this paper is reference 2). I was wrong about the procedures described in that paper. It does NOT mention serial passage nor chimeric mice with human lung tissue, although that does not preclude that such work was being done at the WIV. However, to set the record straight, let me retract my original statements here and clarify based on a re-read of her paper.

      What she WAS doing was recombinant gene work on viruses and was specifically producing new coronavirus in the lab with backbones discovered in nature from collections obtained from bats caught in the wild, but with different S proteins (aka spike proteins as we became aware of them). These new chimeric viruses were then introduced to human cell cultures (aka HeLa cells, See
      References 1, 2 and 5 below) that had been modified to both contain and not contain human ACE2 receptors to gauge the infectious potential of the new viruses and to obtain data on what types of S proteins were more effective than others.

      As has been reported elsewhere (See Reference 1), Dr. Shi’s work was based on techniques shared with her by a colleague here in the US, Dr. Ralph Baric.

      As George Turner points out, the major concern here was with the effectiveness of the lab safety protocols (or lack thereof) at the WIV. In an earlier paper published by Dr. Shi (see reference 3) in 2015 many studies of this nature were being conducted in BSL2 conditions. Not nearly stringent enough. Enough so it was reported (See ref. 1) that Dr. Baric himself became concerned.

      An interesting tale of how the situation at the WIV turned quite serious in November of 2019 is described in a Propublica Story (See reference 4) published in October of last year. The story describes a Rand corporate consultant, working for a Senate committee looking into the origin of COVID story and fluent in Chinese and the bureaucratic machinations of the CCP describe a
      series of dispatches/memos uncovered from the WIV’s own website that provides a fascinating look at some of the inner workings at the WIV.

      Reference List:





    1. As the virus continues to mutate and evolve I wonder how long it will be before *every* common cold triggers the Covid home test?

      1. I assume it will, since from what I have seen (as an ignorant layman) the core proteins of all the common cold coronaviruses are very similar, and I have my suspicions about my recent very mild bout with covid. Except for a very brief bout with a high fever that lasted about 16 hours on the onset of symptoms, everything about what I had was indistinguishable from other colds I’ve had, in my 65 years.

  3. The Overton window has finally moved from ‘it came from the wet market’ to ‘it was a lab leak’. How long before it moves to ‘it came from the lab but wasn’t a leak’?

    1. I’ve read that there was a two-star female Red Army general assigned to “manage“ the WIV in March of 2020. I don’t think it’s too hard to imagine what her mission was. We were very lucky to have gotten the genome of SARS-CoV2 from the Chinese in Jan 2020. Even though the source for that was the Chinese medical establishment, not the WIV, I don’t expect info like that to be disseminated by the Chinese authorities so quickly after an outbreak to ever happen again. I hope I’m wrong.

      1. Oops wrong again. Turns out it was Dr. Shi that provided the early genome for SARS-CoV2 but not without some initial obstruction from the CCP. The information was subsequently released after discovery in early January 2020 later that same month. See previously cited Vanity Fair article above.

    2. The.Chinese have suffered more from this than probably any other country. A helluva way to dispense a bioweapon when there are so many better delivery options. Of course there are always the super-cynical among us.

      1. Nobody purposely releases a bioweapon next to their own bioweapon lab. But from what was leaked about the procedures in Wuhan, they might as well have no bothered with any safety protocols at all. The people working in “space suits” was all for show. In the back rooms they were handling test tubes full of the virus without even wearing eye protection and gloves.

    3. If you wanted to leak COVID, would you do it right next to the WIV? It was accidental. Also, if you were going to intentionally leak it, wouldn’t you have a vaccine first that you know would work? Their zero COVID policy triggered the most significant anti-CCP protest ever. So they took one heck of a risk if they released it on purpose.

  4. Off topic, but awesome if correct:

    “The revelation that massive galaxy formation began extremely early in the history of the universe upends what many of us had thought was settled science,” said Leja. “We’ve been informally calling these objects ‘universe breakers’ — and they have been living up to their name so far.”



          1. next to Ginnunga IKEA.

            So finally, an explanation as to why it takes billions of years to construct our present universe?

  5. Arstechnica has reluctantly reported on this, but the author and the commenters are desperately clinging to the natural source model, not realizing that that ship sailed a long time ago. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be hysterically funny. Actually, come to think of it, it is funny.

    1. Go away or I shall taunt you again with stories of your zoonotic father and that your mother smelt of civets!

  6. My guess from near the beginning was accidental lab leak covered up by the director of WIV so he wouldn’t be executed for incompetence. I didn’t find out about Fauci and the gain of function research until a bit later.

  7. The latest narrative is the Fox News on-air personalities were “disgusted” with President Trump after the 2020 election and “never believed the lie” of a stolen election, but they feigned support for Mr. Trump and for the claim of a stolen election because “otherwise they would lose viewers.”

    For this Dominion (the voting machine and tabulator people) are “coming down on Fox like a ton of bricks.” Fox is accused of promoting the falsehood of a stolen election.

    Waaaiiitt! Wasn’t the belief in the stolen election “out there in the wild” and didn’t need any encouragement from Fox?

    I can understand that Dominion wants to protect their reputation so they can profit from continued sales.

    But isn’t Dominion acting like the music-industry suits suing Grandma for 10’s of thousands of dollars in damages for alleged music piracy. At some point, do they cultivate enough ill will that if the Right Wing ever gets in charge, Dominion will be in the hurt locker?

  8. Latest: It’s been proven Fauci had a hand in the article later used to debunk the lab leak theory and develop the wet market theory. So he paid for the WIV research, and then helped write the coverup. That would be premeditation. Six million people are dead.

    1. Latest: It’s been proven Fauci had a hand in the article later used to debunk discredit the lab leak theory and develop the wet market theory.

      To have been on that conference call between Fauci, Collins, K.G. Andersen, etc. on Feb 1, 2020. If a transcript or recording exists it should be subpoenaed. This could be the Covid equivalent to the Challenger telecon in ’86.

      1. Dr. Redfield at the time the head of the CDC testified before the US House subcommittee investigating the origin of Covid today that he was EXCLUDED from the aforementioned phone conference.

        1. As mentioned in the Vanity Fair article previously cited, Dr. Redfield knew about the ongoing work at the WIV (and categorically characterized the nature of the research as gain of function in today’s testimony) and offered to send a team to the WIV in December 2019 to his Chinese equivalent at the time in order to conduct independent anti-body tests on WIV staff that would have hugely helped confirm the WIV was not the source of the pandemic. An offer that was refused.

          1. Let me strike the date of December 2019. Not sure of the exact date. It was early on.

          2. From the Vanity Fair article:
            On January 3, 2020, Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, got a phone call from his counterpart Dr. George Fu Gao, head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Gao described the appearance of a mysterious new pneumonia, apparently limited to people exposed at a market in Wuhan. Redfield immediately offered to send a team of specialists to help investigate.

            Redfield immediately thought of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. A team could rule it out as a source of the outbreak in just a few weeks, by testing researchers there for antibodies. Redfield formally reiterated his offer to send specialists, but Chinese officials didn’t respond to his overture.

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