10 thoughts on “The Silicon Valley Era”

  1. Outsourcing wafer fab was the beginning of the end. Without intricate process technology knowledge and the exchange between fabrication and engineering the top end design will suffer. It make no point to design hardware that cannot be implemented, regardless of what the synthesis software “thinks”. Usually a process can’t be utilized until it’s circuity macros can be codified into synthesis libraries. That’s inherently a bottom-up process.

    Software can be written anywhere.

  2. Honestly I thought this would play out back in 2005-2008, but they kept pumping the system. It’s gonna blow at some point. That is a certainty.

    1. I see the Silicon Valley ecosystem as a particularly large “too big to fail” entity. I wouldn’t be surprised to see very expensive attempts at heroic life support. It will blow at some point, but IMHO a lot of public funding will go with it.

      1. Hmm, we may already be seeing that with the trade war with China and the passage of the CHIPS and Science Act (in which the federal apparently plans to spend $280 billion). But having said that, the state of California apparently will be poorly equipped to take advantage of that latter money – all of the funded construction apparently is outside the state – so maybe not.

  3. A sub-stack review by Don Surber here.

    The nature of the failure at SVB should have us all concerned. Bringing into question the stability of owning T-Bills, could make 2008 look like playing banker out of a cardboard box in 1st Grade by comparison.

    OR: When you find below the last sea turtle holding up the last elephant on its back is a black hole.

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