10 thoughts on “Who Is Running America?”

  1. The 537 elected politicians in DC are mostly for show. The real government is the bureaucracy. They’re millions strong, unelected, and unaccountable to virtually anyone. They’re free to ignore or undermine any president they wish. It has been this way for generations. They are the Deep State.

    1. “They’re free to ignore or undermine any president they wish.”

      And they hated/hate Donald Trump with a passion and they undermined him everyway they could. Aided by the media and academia of course. And they will do everything in their power to prevent him from getting reelected:

      “Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday seemed to endorse a recently unveiled plan by a cadre of his former staffers to strip tens of thousands of federal workers of their civil service protections and fire them at will under the next Republican administration.”

      “Schedule F was authorized via executive order in October 2020, but the Trump administration failed to implement the measure before he left office in January 2021. One of President Biden’s first acts as president was to rescind the edict.”


      Doubt if Ron DeSantis would do anything so ambitious (and necessary) if he became the next president.

  2. This is why I scoff at people who argue for ‘Term Limits’ of elected reps. The Bs will just wait them out until the Bs get someone they want.

    Now term limits for members of the bureaucracy is an idea I could get behind. Rally cry of ‘Bring back the spoils system!’ may not resonate, but at least you would have personnel to advance your agenda.

    And personnel are policy.

    1. Also make a law that requires sunset dates on all regulations, after which the regulations need to either be passed as laws or recinded completely.

  3. “During the Trump administration, the administrative state openly rebelled, its members declaring that they were the “resistance””

    Is there some kind of disease that prevents political writers from noting the party affiliation of groups and individuals that make up the Democrat party?

    The “resistance” wasn’t a bunch of unaffiliated randos who just happened to hate Trump.

  4. “The “resistance” wasn’t a bunch of unaffiliated randos who just happened to hate Trump.”

    They were of course mostly Democrats; and just as importantly if not more so they are public service workers union members. Practically the last bastion of large scale unions left in the US are government employees.

    1. 2024 campaign hat seen by a friend*:

      Biden/Fetterman 2024: A no-brainer…

      *No joke! Was told about this by a friend! I wonder if it comes in blue?

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