6 thoughts on “Canceling Drag Shows”

  1. He is indeed correct, and I predict that future folks will be horrified by the idea of drag shows. That schools made children watch them will one day make people’s heads explode with horror and outrage.

  2. Bafflingly, I am in agreement with Engineer, other than his confusion of principals and principles. I think people should be allowed to perform as any race/gender/whatever they feel like. Women are free to think drag shows are misogynistic, and blacks are free to think that blackface is offensively racist. That doesn’t mean that those things should be banned from on high.

    I mean, George is correct too, in that the whole drag thing is pretty degrading, and that schoolkids should not be exposed to it. But the fact that I think it’s gross and degrading doesn’t mean consenting adults shouldn’t be allowed to partake.

    1. The college president didn’t suggest that drag shows be banned everywhere, only that they had no place on the campus he was responsible for.

  3. The link didn’t say if this was for college students or if it was hosted by college students for little kids.

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