One thought on “BIden’s Sergeant Schulz Defense On Hunter”

  1. Mr. Biden as Sergeant Schulz misses a great deal about the Sergeant Schultz character.

    The backstory is that in civilian life, Schulz operated the Schatzy Toy Company, the largest toy company in Germany. We can extrapolate that Schultz was drafted into the military, and as an older man, he was given a menial job guarding prisoners, or at least in relation to his status in civilian life.

    Schultz knows and sees everything. We can infer that he doesn’t have much sympathy for the German war effort. Appearances have to be kept that he is guarding the prisoners, and Hogan and his men know all of that. In an episode attempting to explain his “operation” to an overenthusiastic British POW who admonishes Hogan that his responsibility is to attempt escape, Hogan explains that “we bribe the guards” meaning Schultz. From other episodes we see that the bribes are mainly in the form of Le Beau’s French cooking, and from actor John Banner’s girth, it is believable that Sergeant Schultz would favor this sort of inducement.

    When Schulz remonstrates “I know noth-think! I SEE noth-think! Please, Colonel Hogan please!”, he is begging that Hogan and his men be less flagrant in their activities so as to not get Schulz arrested by the Gestapo.

    President Biden’s remonstrations of innocence to the press would be like Schultz saying “I know nothing!” to Colonel Klink, which Schultz never did, and for all of Colonel Klink’s incompetence and venality, Klink would never accept such an excuse from Schultz.

    In keeping with the Hogan’s Heros script, Joe Biden could accept a “10% to the Big Guy” from Hunter, but he would have to say, “I know nothing, I see nothing. Please, Hunter, please” to get his wayward son to act less outrageously so as to not imperil his dad’s political viability with actions that would crosss a threshold, even with a friendly press.

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