13 thoughts on “The Latest Economic Insanity From California”

  1. A prescription for shortage. I would move all product I could to the other states where this law was not in existence and I suspect the oil companies will more or less do that.

    1. I would move all product I could to the other states where this law was not in existence and I suspect the oil companies will more or less do that.

      Except for the single state-controlled monopoly which will somehow dodge the regulation year after year. I imagine some people will make bank on this one – buying oil production and refineries at a discount and then selling to their captive market at a profit.

    2. If they’d ever read an economics textbook they could game out the result.

      If California mandates that gasoline can’t be priced higher to reflect a spike, but gasoline prices in all other states can spike, then only a fool would sell any gas in California while prices are spiking because they could get far more for it in other states. California refiners and distributers will get outbid by people who know they can make more money selling elsewhere, so California’s supply will shrink while demand remains constant (due to the fixed low price), and huge shortages will result.

      California will blame the inevitable shortages on evil profiteers driven by greed, and drag oil company executives into endless hearings, while pushing EVs even harder.

  2. Why do you need gasoline? By 2035 you’ll be driving an electric car that by state regulation you may only charge to 35% capacity during the week and 63% capacity on the weekends unless you win the Special Indulgence Lottery for longer trips, which allows you to enter the indulgence code into your electric power meter to charge your car to 100%… once.

    1. Yep. The shortages soon to be created by this are a feature not a bug. The globalist left continue lying their asses off about AGW and they’re not suffering any electoral penalties. IMO, the runaway authoritarianism is yet another indication that electorial democracy in the US has been given the same treatment a toddler gets alone with Joe Biden.

  3. This is the insanity that inevitably comes when government has too much power.

    You ain’t seen nuthin yet.

  4. My prediction: gas prices are about to skyrocket in California as competitors exit and compliance costs soar.

  5. I laughed and laughed and laughed until I remembered I live in a state that is just as bad and is doing all the same things.

  6. Why shouldn’t all of the oil companies just give California what it says it wants, and stop selling “fossil fuels” in that state altogether? Immediately, completely, and with the only fanfare being a ceremony held near Titusville, PA, at the Drake Well Museum. There the CEOs of all of the oil companies would announce that they are giving California what they clearly say they want more than anything else: no more fossil fuels. And they should say that they’re preparing to shut off the rest of the United States in just a few days.

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