Starship to Mars

Amazing CGI.

[Update a while later]

And then there’s this:

Read the thread. Most people think (correctly) that this is nuts.

I’m willing to agree that it’s a religion, but rocks don’t have rights. The moon is just a very large rock.

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  1. ” The moon is just a very large rock.

    So is Greenland, although that rock is covered in ice, and somewhat easier to get to. Still hoping the Vikings can make more of it in future than they have so far…

    I think we need a new sort of claim. Putting a flag on it isn’t enough. But maybe growing a crop on it would be.

    1. Physical occupancy and “improving” the property to claim ownership. The Age of Exploration model of ‘planting the flag is enough’ is …not enough.

  2. > The moon is just a very large rock.

    I’d like people to move past this. It’s not anymore, it looked like a rock during Apollo era, but we know so much more now. It’s an absolute treasure trove of resources and a site with great potential for driving economic growth.

  3. I find it interesting how Rubenstein complains about “tokenism” – basically, minimal efforts to appear to care (here, about feminism and anti-racism). They wouldn’t do it, if it didn’t work.

    Needless to say, someone who is nitpicking about NASA’s pretense to care about social subjects, isn’t going to have a serious viewpoint on humanity’s future, space or otherwise.

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