8 thoughts on “The Chicago Election”

  1. Real estate values will eventually crash, and the city’s inability to locally tax to raise revenue will then fall upon the State of Illinois which can’t help because of all the public sector union pension obligations *statewide* that it already can’t cover, thanks to decades of fiscal irresponsibility. Then of course the final appeal to the federal government for bailouts. When the paychecks stop showing up, that will mark the beginning of the End Times.

    1. Good luck on getting politicians to refrain from bailing out a Leftist city or state. I won’t be holding my breath on that.

    2. You can fully expect that the federal government will create a few trillion dollars out of nothing and use that to pay off bail out failed Democrat cities. They don’t even bother to physically print the funny money anymore. The federal government is doing the same thing on a national scale.

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