6 thoughts on “Anti-DeSantis Imbecility”

  1. I’m thinking a repeat of ’92. If Trump loses in the Republican primaries to DeSantis, he would no doubt form his own third party run like Ross Perot did in ’92 and split the red vote so that Bobby Kennedy Jr. wins. It’d be interesting. This is not your father’s Camelot…

    1. Impractical, Trump would have to drop out now and announce a third-party run. He couldn’t get back on the ballot quick enough and several states also have anti-spoiler laws against running if you participate in a primary and lose.

      I looked into this already with a buddy who is a consultant for the Republican Party.

      1. And if Trump refuses to endorse the Republican nominee and tells his base he’s staying home this election cycle (which is telling his base to do the same) cause it’s a rigged lose/lose election, what then?

  2. “Nevertheless, when another Tweep suggested to Farhad, “Maybe Puerto Rico,” he responded, “That’s a good idea.””

    That is the NYT’s guy saying that. Let’s not transmorgify the NYT into Trump supporters.

    We are in the primary and all the candidates will go after each other. Anti-Trump people don’t have standing to criticize others for using insults. The insults have been mild so far and not worthy of anyone from any side getting bent over them.

    I don’t like Trump’s current set of tactics but they aren’t mindless. He is attacking DeSantis on issues that Trump has problems with in order to make it harder for DeSantis to differentiate himself from Trump on those issues. The truth of it all hardly matters because it is about framing public perspective.

    It is similar to what anti-Trump people do by racing to criticize Trump for insults to shield themselves from their own poor behavior.

  3. Green is a never Trump neo-con and has been for some time. As you may remember, Trump did the same thing during the 2016 campaign and yet pushed for more down ticket Republicans. His campaign technique in the primaries was “reprehensible” but it also signals that Trump won’t be “polite” with the Democrats either – and he wasn’t. Something which the Bush/Pence/Romney segment of the GOP can be relied on to do. I have no problem with DeSantis as the GOP nomination, he’s shown more flexibility in his going after the capture of the educational establishment by the left and the “woke” media. OTOH, he has little of Trump’s charisma and I wonder if he has the chops to take on Newsom.

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