6 thoughts on “Paganism”

  1. The anti-gunners are certainly pagan: Imbuing inanimate objects with maleficent abilities and powers.

    1. My gun got so fed up with me sleeping in late with the snooze alarm continuously sounding, it sneaked out of my hiding place and shot me in the ass at close range with a blank. Hard to explain power burns in the ER. Some friends say I’d be safer without it. They suggest a more even tempered baseball bat for example…

  2. Maybe reason we had Paganism was to rid ourselves of
    this kind of stupid.
    Or this is more primitive/dumber than Paganism.

    1. It’s like what former Soviet communists say about the current woke left. At least the communists put a big emphasis on learning math and science and took “each according to his abilities” seriously, with an education system that identified and helped the brightest students because the communist state needed top-notch engineers to design those ICBMs. They never pushed the ridiculous idea that all people are equally smart, or that math is racist.

  3. “The Vandals went from barbarism to decadence in one generation after conquering the Western Roman Empire…” A quote that struck me how difficult civilization is.

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