10 thoughts on “Antony Blinken”

  1. Won’t happen. The MSM will portray this as Republicans hobbling the Biden administration on the international stage for selfish political gain just as the ’24 election starts to heat up. In fact it will allow the Dems to scapegoat the Reps for any future foreign policy disasters between now and the 2024 election. And we all know there is plenty of run out for that (foreign policy disasters) to happen all on the Dems own initiative. Why give them the excuse?

  2. Republicans are too scared to actually do anything that might interrupt their cash flow. They’ve sold their souls just like the Dems have. Need a lot of fresh blood to push out the satanists and grifters. Will it happen? Not holding my breath.

    1. It does beg the question of whether it’s long past time to start a new political party….

      1. I may vote Republican, but I am a member of the leave me the hell alone party.

        1. There is something inherently oxymoronic about being a member of the Anti-Social Party.

          1. We are not anti-social: We just don’t believe in leaving personal determination up to elected or appointed others.

          2. So we form a party for the explicit purpose to coerce those who wish our support in running to be elected not to coerce anyone who is not elected and to coerce those that they appoint to not coerce anyone who is either not elected or not appointed….

            Got it.

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