11 thoughts on “AI And The Screwfly Succession”

      1. “…and UFOs that can pull near infinite G’s.”

        Warp bubble. Space in front of the craft is compressed space behind the vehicle is contracted; as far as the “crew” is concerned the craft itself technically doesn’t move. Thus, no G-forces.

          1. “Yep” Thank you but I actually misspoke; what I meant to say was space in front of the craft is contracted space behind the craft is expanded. But anyway we’re obviously on the same page thanks again.

  1. I’d say that the public schools pose a greater threat to the future of human sexuality than sex robots, with the insistence of the teachers’ unions on “transgendering” kindergarteners without parents knowledge or consent. Besides, when we “transition” away from fossil fuels, there will be no electric power with which to run the robots – or any food to eat, so we’ll all die anyway.

  2. The governing AI’s are say tasked with figuring out a way to reduce the human population humanely; the sex-bots is what they come up with. Instead of 8 billion people maybe only a couple hundred million; some would argue that would solve allot of problems/issues without to greatly reducing human genetic diversity.

  3. As always: Prefer a smaller human population? Okay… you go first.

    Lead by example!

  4. Universal Basic Sexbots for everyone who scores 85 or below on an IQ test. If a physics graduate student intentionally scores low, that’s fine. Maybe the sexbot will help him or her make it to financial stability, marriage and reproduction.

  5. You all know this is not a real problem (I hope!). Disallowing magical future technology, it’s a simple engineering task to have a female sexbot equipped to collect and store semen, which the owner can then sell to an artificial insemination clinic. Even simpler to design a male sexbot equipped with a storage and injection device for “natural” artificial insemination. Then women who chose to get pregnant can do som which is not different from allowing abortion on demand, merely better for the woman, who doesn’t have to undergo a D&C. It’s a recipe for universal happiness and sound eugenics (oops…).

    I’ve written extensively about this stuff, maybe a tenth of my total literary output over the past half century, including a novel (When We Were Real), a long novella (The Engine of Desire), and a dozen or so short stories, mostly published in Asimov’s. In those stories there are allomorphs (perfect lovers), silvergirls (perfect best friends) and optomods (perfect workers). When humanity is wiped out in a war, the robots are despondent because they no longer have jobs.

    The big problem with humniform robots has always been power. Not much fun if the perfect gigolo humping you has a 400 kilo battery on his back. I solved this by giving my robots digestive systems. Now your robot girlfriend will have to brush her teeth too…

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