3 thoughts on “The Biggest Threat To Our Military”

  1. Democrats view the military as the perfect totalitarian institution to brainwash the masses and control everything they do but it is the responsibility of autonomy while working toward a common goal which gives our military strength.

  2. How is it that the DOD is on vacation and not still paying attention?

    Grift, graft, incompetence, drug use, alcoholism, blackmalism?

    They are betraying their individual oaths to serve and protect.

    They deserve no respect at this moment.

    Pretenders are losers.


  3. I’m not sure “Plank Walking” nor “Keel Hauling” was in the ol’ Rocks and Shoals, but it should have been….

    This vessel needs a return to Norfolk for a good scrubbing and paint.
    As a civilian I feel all former Naval officers and crew who may have served aboard the Williams deserve an apology from the CNO. I give you mine, for what that’s worth.

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