6 thoughts on ““When The Mob Came””

  1. This happened here in Alberta. I vaguely remember hearing about it at the time of our last election.

    We have another provincial election on Monday. If the socialist NDP wins, we’re screwed. If the United Conservative Party wins, promised legislation includes a bill to protect the fundamental rights of Albertans from overreach by Ottawa, refusing to participate if the feds want to trample on our rights again. We’ll see Monday night if Alberta can be saved.

    1. It is a rough spot to be in and I hope you guys come out OK. I also fear the crazy has not yet reached the high water mark.

    2. Alberta is a beautiful province. Big wide open plains, blue skies, and if I remember correctly last time I was there, some mountains in the west? As a flat-land born mid-westerner, I could feel right at home there. A bit chilly in the winter time, but you get used to that.

      Good luck to you.

  2. People have been programmed to forget that there has always been the FU/bang-bang option to deal with such people.

    Including those people.

    Some of us still remember.

    As do our kids.

    No actual intention to incite violence, just reminding people of available options according to their own perspectives.

    Me? Invading Canada may be a good play. Where’s John Candy when you need him?

  3. I lived and practiced medicine for twelve years in Canada – Ontario, around Ottawa mostly.

    Canadians are overall not what they appear to those of us down south. A very divided nation, between the far left and the more reasonable. Growing populations of peoples who do not share Canadian values, live by their own, and yet the Canadians, trying to be ‘polite’ or woke, refuse to even acknowledge the problems.

    Fully 1/2 of my patients over 16 (as an emergency physician) were on some sort of psychotropic medication – either legal (prescribed) or illegal, and most of those were also drinking heavily. Canadians are perceived as easy going, but they are actually highly repressed and nearly at the breaking point. Which is not helped by the form of government, which assures a very liberal government almost all the time.

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