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  1. What was evident from the get-go was that the outbreak pattern did not match that typical for zoonotic transmission, i.e. animal to human. The furin cleavage site and associated spike protein codons that optimized for human ACE2 receptor infection rather than bat infection was another clue. That’s not racist, but it is species-ist.

    1. My question is how does a person square the evidence that this thing was bio-engineered against “it’s just the flu, bro” claimed lower down in this thread?

      Are we saying the Chinese authorities in concert with Dr. Fauci are all at fault, but a fault for what if the crisis was all ginned up?

      1. Oh I believe this was more than “the flu”. The fatality statistics speak for themselves. Early in the epidemic here in the US I remember seeing quote after quote from the medical pros on the front lines in the ERs around the country saying how amazed they were at just how effective this virus was at making people sick and how hard it was to treat the symptoms. Basically people’s blood ox fell so low so rapidly after their lungs had been destroyed that after ventilation it was a crap shoot if they’d pull out. If you had complicating health factors to begin with it’s no surprise to me that it greatly reduced one’s chances of recovery. Since most senior placed politicians have these same health complications what, in fact, the dual-use Wuhan lab had developed whether intentionally or not was the perfect de-capitation bio-weapon. I’m sure they’ve taken note now.

        1. Fauci and esp. Daszak don’t come out of this looking very smart. Daszak should have known better the risks of funding research in a Communist or any otherwise dictatorial country without adequate controls and transparency. I’m sure experts like Richard Ebright could have spelled them out for him if he’d bothered to ask.

          Fauci *might* have been sending funding in to mole up the lab via the required research paperwork as condition of the funding, since it’s probably safe to presume that the civilian experts would be out-in-front of the military part. If true, because it was on behalf of the CIA, he’ll never face prosecution. Discovery would be a bitch. Dr. Fauci probably retains some interesting emails if this is true. If it is true, even with the emails, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. Day of the Condor, don’t become an embarrassment…

          I will note that having read some of Dr. Shi’s papers, (which any of you can do, they are on-line, I’ve posted some of them here before. You can search this blog to find them) they do pretty much reveal the work on modified WIV1 virus, chimeric mice, RaTG-13 and if I recall correctly serial passage experiments.

  2. My original guess, based on available evidence at the beginning, was an accidental lab leak covered up by the lab director because he wanted to avoid execution. Only later did I learn about Fauci’s role.

    1. I also felt a accidental lab leak was most likely, with…
      Hypothesis 1, Simple Screw Up: HazMat Bag containing specimens got mishandled; or
      Hypothesis 2, Lazy and Stupid for ‘the Win’: Proper PPE, HazMat Bags and High-temperature incinerator are too much hassle so ‘Heave Ho!’ into the closest trash dumpster; or
      Hypothesis 3, Venal and Stupid also works: Staffer thinks the bat bodies can be sold at the back of the wet market for a few RMB …so ‘why not?’
      Finally: Never discard the power of ‘and’.

      The CCP response to the Outbreak IMO they certainly used as ‘biological warfare scenario’ once it started getting out of control …but I believe the release itself was a FUBAR.

  3. As usual the story here isn’t just the story (and the expert journalism that went into it), it’s the meta. How it’s received. Will the American mainstream corporate media even acknowledge it? And to the extent it does, how? With a bumbling, inaccurate word-salad on page 21B? Will Beth Mole (what a perfect name) at ArsTechnica even deign to comment on it?

    1. I doubt that Beth will pick up on this. Right now she’s got her panties in a wad about how SCOTUS decisions are killing people, including Dobbs, which actually SAVES lives. She hasn’t picked up on Dr John Campbell’s videos about excess deaths (latest is with data from multiple countries) where he hints that the excess deaths are a side effect (feature??) of mRNA vaccines. Of course, he’s not allowed to actually SAY that. Otherwise Youtube and possibly even Ofcom will come down on him like a ton of bricks. What’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth? About 6 months.

  4. Leaks have happened from these kinds of labs before, so it was always a possible explanation for COVID. The strange part is how anyone who dared to mention the possibility was censored and called a racist.

    I’ve heard some people thing the leak was deliberate. While that’s also a possibility, I don’t think it’s very likely. More likely is that the leak occurred and China decided it presented an opportunity. Remember how they complained when Trump implemented travel bans from China early in 2020? Chinese nationals were still travelling around the world weeks or months after the first cases were detected. Places with large Chinese national presence, such as Italy, were among the first to have major outbreaks. It makes me wonder if China allowed the disease to spread globally to inflict as much damage to everyone instead of just suffering the damage alone.

  5. Magpie, are we voting? Placing bets? I like your breakdown on the possibilities and among those, choose # 3. I note that anyone in favor of #4 (wildly unlikely co-incidence) is going to be voting a write-in candidate.

  6. Please permit me to repeat myself.

    Never once wore a mask.
    Never once got a jab.
    Never once got Cod-19.

    Never once listened to the voices pretending to just be whispering in my ears, “Go ahead. Make our day.”

  7. Suspicions exist that the lab was contained within the Bat Cave.

    Bruce Wayne and Burt Ward are being cuffed right now.


  8. Very convenient that a lab leak? together with a MSM scare campaign was used to through a Presidental election using fraud and mail in ballots. Couldn’t be planned better. The tested it in table top exercises in 2019.

  9. So Covid-19 Patient Zero turns out to be the lead gain-of-function researcher working on Covid at the Wuhan Institute of Virology? I wonder how much pangolin soup he had to eat?

    1. I wonder how much pangolin soup he had to eat?

      Now that kind of speculation is just batty!

        1. Look more like a Rhinolophusphile to me. Check with Bruce Wayne. Thanks for the link, good read.

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