20 thoughts on “The Augean Stables On The Potomac”

  1. They the main stream media and their cohorts the DNC have successfully tarred Donald Trump as an “existentialist threat to democracy”. Therefore any amount of railroading/framing on their is morally justified; the end (saving democracy) justifies the means. The people committing this travesty of justice are therefore “heroic”, and will be “vindicated” by history etc. This is far more important than whether or not Trump has the “competence or focus to do it” (clean things up). Even if he were elected to a 2nd term they would go berserk (even more than now) to stop him. DeSantis could however for instance implement Trump’s “Schedule F” executive order; they would howl but they have gone too much all in on vilifying Trump personally. It would be tough to switch gears to DeSantis. A President DeSantis could appoint a special counsel to look into the obvious bribery (if not treasonous) actions of the Biden and his crime family.

    1. “The people committing this travesty of justice are therefore “heroic”, and will be “vindicated” by history etc.”

      This is true regardless of who the Republicans nominate because what motivates Democrats are not Republicans but rather their own ideology, Progressive Marxism. They aren’t upset with a person. They are upset with a social system and form of government at odds with their view of reality. They want to change reality and the rest of us are either tools to be used to obstacles to be removed.

      DeSantis is already being labeled as a worse threat than Trump by the media but the key issues are any effort to expose or fix the illegal abuses directed at Trump by our government and the rigging of the 2020 election. Anyone who campaigns on any form of justice, will get the same treatment Trump did by the same Democrats that control our federal workforce.

      A Republican becoming the next President is too great a risk. We can expect the government, controlled by unelected Democrats, to do whatever it takes to prevent a Republican from winning in order to bury the abuses and coups of 2015-2020.

      Think about it. Republicans are talking openly about what they want to do and the hundreds of thousands of Democrats who staff the government realize that means an end to their governing regardless of who wins elections. Trillions of dollars are at stake as well as the uncontested use of government power to reshape society and reality itself.

      Most people don’t recognize the game being played.

      1. What if DJT (or any MAGA nom) promises amnesty to the Deep State? IE just walk away, we won’t come after you. But you have to walk away. Take your snot out of the trough. Clean break.

        How many would bite?

  2. Only Trump will be able to muster the fanatical support needed to defeat the Swamp. He’ll have to be Andrew Jackson 2. As much as I like Desantis, he’ll be nibbled to death in DC.

  3. Trump didn’t do it the first time because no one understood just how deep the rot was. Could he if given a second chance? I don’t know but the chances of anyone being able to do what is needed are slim.

    Trump never colluded with Russia, but that didn’t stop our intelligence agencies and DOJ from claiming he did while hiding exculpatory information. Why would any other Republican get treated differently?

  4. “As much as I like Desantis, he’ll be nibbled to death in DC.”

    Yes. I worry does DeSantis have the intestinal fortitude to push it hard. Joe Biden needs to be investigated, charged, tried and convicted. He (DeSantis) would be advised to let it go etc. in the interest of “healing the rift”, “bringing the country together” etc.

    1. Wasn’t The Orange Clown impeached because he wanted Ukraine to investigate the former vice-president’s dealings in and with that country? And one of the justifications for that impeachment was that a President shouldn’t be investigating political rivals and possible opponents?

      If the people manipulating Brandon had any smarts, they’d start floating the rumors of pardons for the Orange Clown, in the interest of “healing the rifts”, “bringing the country together”, etc. Do what Ford did to Nixon. Will never happen, because they aren’t smart.

      Smart people would’ve realized that the way to deal with St. Hillary! losing the election fixed in her favor would be to help the Orange Clown “grow in office” while preventing him from doing anything useful. The opposite of what they’ve done since that election. They want a war, and are determined to get one.

      The Progressive Democrats must be destroyed before there can be any talk about “bringing the country together”. Sorta like what happened after they lost the previous war they started, back in the 1860s.

  5. View from a safe distance in the Southern Hemisphere:
    De Satan ain’t it. He’s a swamp creature.

  6. Maybe not so safe. Here I am visiting New Zealand sitting in a first floor apartment on the east coast of NZ, 50 meters from the beach across the road and the building is called “Tsunami Apartments”.:-)

  7. As I recall, cleaning the Augean stables didn’t require cleverness or a deft touch. It required redirecting a river to sweep everything away. We need an unstoppable force, not a surgeon.

  8. In a perverse way Donald Trump is an existentialist threat to democracy.
    He is because they’re willing to do anything trash the Constitution trash the rule of law lie cheat (all else fails possibly assassinate) anything to stop Donald Trump from becoming President again.
    On news Max today Alan Dershowitz said that Trump is having a hard time putting together a defense team because there is apparently a hard left wing organization that is threatening to disbar any attorneys who agree to defend Donald Trump simply by defending Donald Trump.

  9. Interesting post maybe DeSantis does have the intestinal fortitude to do what needs to be done we shall see. On a side note Alan Dershowitz who usually gets it right screwed the pooch this time. He said today on Newsmax that the Republican representative who put in articles of impeachment against biden is “hippocritical” since he voted against the previous impeachment of Trump. Wrong; in my opinion once you impeah someone under a given set of circumstances and the impeachment goes through it becomes the new precedent. Law works on precedent; once you establish that precedent you have to live with it The Republicans would be fools not to apply the same standard to Biden that the dems applied to Trump whether they agreed with it initially or not.

  10. Doesn’t really matter who has the better plan. The only way Trump doesn’t win the nomination is if they murder him. DeSantis needs to recognize this and find his place as the successor.

  11. Like term limits for Congress being beyond the capability of Congress to pass into law, the executive clean-up is beyond what one President can do, even with two terms, if the Deep State is aligned against him. You have to swing the bicameral Congress and the President to the same Party dedicated to doing this and then getting legislation passed to enforce it beyond the term of the President. Prior to the 22nd Amendment a President *might* have accomplished this by himself. Not now.

  12. Trump 2024.

    DeSantis 2028 & 2032.

    I’m so tired of so many smart people telling me how to be smart.

    FOAD, if you’re so smart.

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