One thought on “Woodrow The Terrible”

  1. An exposure to American History in junior high told me that Woodrow Wilson was a smart guy, a war president, an international power diplomat and a really smart guy.

    In high school I discovered chess and wargames, the old ones with cardboard counters, and like every other wargame publisher they had an Ardennes Offensive game. There is something about ‘The Battle of the Bulge’ and my curiosity was piqued about Kampfgruppe Peiper and all of those other powerful Waffen-SS units. That let me to William Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and later on to the similar histories of German Nazism and Italian Fascism.

    And that led me to how people like Benito Mussolini approved of Wilson’s efforts to make the US government a monolith astride the American people. Somehow Wilson wasn’t such a “Smart Guy” to me and as I grow older my opinion of him has become ever more sour.

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