4 thoughts on “Racial Classifications”

  1. Somewhat off topic, but Bernstein wrote “If I wanted to be a lawyer, I would practice law.” Yet he takes money from the taxpayers and from students while admitting that he is not qualified to teach them to be lawyers. At least he is honest about his corrupt behavior.

      1. It once was the norm to prepare to be lawyer by apprenticeship. Now students must pay high fees and spend four years for a bachelor’s plus three years at law school to earn the dubious privilege of paying for a private cram course and attempting the bar exam.

        Annual tuition & fees at Antonin Scalia Law School, Bernstein’s public institution, are listed at more than $26k in state and $42k out of state.

        Bernstein has done useful scholarship but he belongs in a history or government department.

  2. On topic: According to the Associated Press, “Asian Americans feel particularly targeted by new laws criminalizing those who assist voters. Several new voting laws in mostly Republican-led states impose criminal penalties or fines for helping people register to vote.”

    One has to read the whole article to find the disclaimer that it is paid propaganda for a Democrat front organization.


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