19 thoughts on “Trump’s Foolish Gamble”

  1. At least he is being honest rather than lying and the truth is, most Americans think there is wiggle room in the beginning and no wiggle room at the end.

    1. We are probably in the minority here, Wodun; but I agree with you. I’m perfectly happy with Roe being overturned and this being a State issue, but Republicans ought to be working out practical solutions rather than absolute ones. If they did and were honest about it, then I think they’d fare better if elections were fair.

      I’m also happy to have any of the other major issues facing the US be the most important at the ballot box than abortion.

      1. Yes.

        When Republicans started trying to ban all abortions, thanks Graham, it was a major issue getting people not to vote Republican. Had they simply went after the least contentious, late term abortions, everyone would have supported them and Democrats would have been forced to defend their actual position, which is being pro-infanticide.

        Republicans should take the easy wins and let persuasion takes place over the long term.

        1. Agreed. I can’t see a future whereby we put a fertility clinic technician on trial for manslaughter / mass murder when they accidentally trip, fall and spill a tray full of zygotes on the floor killing them all.

        2. Professor, I’m confused!

          Mr. Trump weighs in that he thinks states using their authority under Dobbs should not ban abortion outright, and Rand weighs in that he hopes Mr. Trump loses the nomination on account of it.

          Rand has disclosed here that he is not religious and has also emphasized that he is a Libertarian, politically. So if Rand opposes abortion along with Mr. Trump’s new-found position, and Rand takes this stand on ethical/humanist grounds, as a Catholic Christian I am perfectly OK with that. Politics is a process of inclusion based on agreeing on common goals, the Big Tent, as it were.

          But is that hope that Trump is not nominated purely a tactical position from a person who otherwise is pro-choice on Libertarian grounds?

          1. I’m just saying that the pro-lifers shouldn’t vote for him, and if they don’t, he probably won’t get the nomination, which would be a good thing. There are many reasons that I don’t want him to be the nominee that have nothing to do with abortion.

  2. From the article:

    Abortion was the single biggest issue that led to Donald Trump winning the 2016 election.

    Just look at Trump’s speech where he announced his 2016 run for president. Virtually all of the announcement is about overlapping issues of immigration, global trade, and China with not a word about abortion.

    Trump tells us in that speech what he thought the single biggest issue was of the 2016 race. As to his leftmost stance on abortion among Republican candidates, I imagine that is a calculated gamble to both appeal to pro-abortion Republicans and to the general public who swings strongly pro-abortion.

    1. Aha … NO. He got the vote because he fights the left on all issues.
      No other Republican stands and FIGHTS like Trump.

      Never Forget, Never Forgive, HOLD THE LINE.

      I never worry about what ANY candidate SAYS. I look at what he DOES. Trump may not be perfect, and was certainly naive and did not see the bad actors in his camp (Pence and Barr) but he FIGHTS.

  3. ” I imagine that is a calculated gamble to both appeal to pro-abortion Republicans and to the general public who swings strongly pro-abortion.”

    The Supreme Court’s decision on throwing out Roe v wade was simply to kick it back to the states so the president Trump or anyone else does not have to be either pro or anti-abortion. If the supreme court sticks to its guns any attempt on the part of the federal government either to liberalize abortion laws or ban them at the federal level would be equally unconstitutional just as Roe v wade was.

  4. There is going to be election fraud on a breathtaking scale, and which no one is prepared to confront directly. It will take a landslide victory with huge margins to overcome that. So who, besides Trump, has any hope of that?

    In absolute terms, Trump is a horrible human being. But compared to his Dem and RINO opponents? The choice is Trump or a Bolshevik.

    1. What makes TRUMP a “horrible human being”? Seven years of enemies with all the power of the USA Federal Gov. and they can’t pin any real crime on him.

      Flawed, surely, who isn’t.
      A little TDS, on you maybe.

      Chill out and look at the alternatives. TUMP, or we loose the Republic!

      1. “Horrible human being” really depends upon moral context, but most moral contexts agree “grab ’em by the pussy” is poor manners even if it’s a groupie. I don’t happen to believe there’s an “absolute” moral context, but many people do. On the other hand, manners help, as with Chico Marx and Tallulah Bankhead. “No offense, but I’d really like to fuck you, Miss Bankhead.” “And so you shall, you old fashioned boy!”

        And Mr. Dale? Don’t be such a boob. TDS, indeed. Sheesh.

        1. Poor manners indeed but what he said was that the beauty contestants would let him grab them … which is true and at the time he was a bit surprised that it was true. The press ignored the truth of the statement so they could bash Trump by claiming that he was bragging about doing it.

          Still he is a pig of a man. He has lots of company unfortunately.

  5. “There is going to be election fraud on a breathtaking scale, and which no one is prepared to confront directly.”

    Yes. But at least Trump has a plan to fight back:
    “Trump Announces Massive 2024 Ballot Harvesting Plan”


    “According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump’s staff is reviewing state laws on absentee and mail-in voting, as well as ballot harvesting. As a result of comments made by some GOP 2024 presidential hopefuls, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Trump, who was notoriously critical of mail-in votes after the 2020 election, is changing his tune.”

    “The radical Democrats have used ballot harvesting to cancel out YOUR vote and walk away with elections that they NEVER should have won. But I’m doing something HUGE to fight back.”

    Our path forward is to MASTER the Democrats’ own game of harvesting ballots in every state we can. But that also means we need to start laying the foundation for victory RIGHT NOW.”

    The former president now 2024 hopeful told Breitbart News that “a mail-in ballot will always be corrupt,”

    “The system, it’s not a question of being broken — the system is corrupt. It’s a corrupt system. A mail-in ballot will always be corrupt. When you go to a polling location and they want your identification and everything, the way — you can’t really vote unless it’s a legit deal.”

    Trump continued “If you have mail-in ballots, nobody has any idea where it’s coming from or where it’s going to and then it travels through so many hands. Jimmy Carter came out a long time ago with a number of highly respected people and they wrote something, and the one thing that come out loud and clear is that mail-in ballots are corrupt. France had it, a lot of countries had it and they went away from it now.”

    In other words you fight back hard; this is also alluded to by Dr Steve Turley I believe he referred to it as the southern California strategy. You utilize conservative churches to organize/facilitate the vote harvesting; fighting fire with fire.

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