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    1. Some parents, such as the Munchausen by Proxy Moms, definitely are partly to blame. Others trusted their doctors, which can be a big mistake. Then you have the CPS zealots and the new California law where parents can lose custody of their children if they don’t go along with transexual treatment.

      There’s a lot of blame to go around.

      1. I think that adults deciding to undergo permanent gender change are quite ill, and are to be pitied. But adults have the intrinsic human right to screw themselves up, at no cost to the rest of society. We’ll leave discussions of the cost to society aside for a moment.

        But children? They literally cannot agree to routine surgery (other than sex changes and abortion). Cannot get tattoos. Cannot purchase alcohol. Cannot enter into contracts. Cannot drive under 16 years of age. Cannot, cannot, cannot.

        Time to reinforce that

  1. I think we’re rapidly approaching the time when we’re going to see these kids either suing en masse or, God forbid, taking other, more drastic forms of revenge on those who victimized them. Schlichter alluded to this in one of his more recent novels. When these masses of kids reach young adulthood and realize their dating pool is virtually nil, they will never have a normal sex life, and will likely never be able to have children…well, I doubt they’re all going to just let bygones be bygones.

    1. I suspect that a significant percentage of transexuals who end up committing suicide do so because of regret for what they did to themselves.

      1. Maybe. I think a lot of them discover that the reality of “gender affirming” surgery does not meet their expectations, or that they still have the same sort of emotional dysfunction no matter what they do to themselves.

        1. I haven’t seen numbers one way or another.

          Personally, I’m of a libertarian attitude here. This is up to the parents, their children, their psychologists (yes usually >1) and doctors. The process takes years normally, as it should. I know of nowhere in the US where it is legal to do any surgeries while the patient is still a child. I’ve heard of one case in Germany where the surgery was performed on a 16 y/o, but only after years and years of therapy.

          Should children (defined to be <18 years of age in the US) be able to get the full dose transition hormones (which will cause permanent sterilization) and surgery w/o their parents consent? No, I don't think so.

          Should parents have a say on what their children can see and read about on social media? Yes, of course.

          The Mayo Clinic still says the effects of puberty blockers are reversible. There are known side effects. Some may be permanent. Such as loss of bone density and for males potential inability to achieve what might have been their full height as an adult. I'll go with what they say.

          1. David, just as a correction, there are any number of stories of children (by your definition, <18 years old) across the States getting all sorts of life-altering "gender"-related surgeries. Chloe Cole, double mastectomy at 15 (!!!), presumably in CA, is one publicized case I found in a 30-second search.

            More systemically, there's a story here (https://www.dailysignal.com/2022/09/16/top-transgender-medical-group-removes-age-recomendations-for-minors/) about how WPATH, which is a medical organization that issues much-followed guidelines for "gender"-related healthcare, has changed its recommendations. They used to recommend that patients be at least:
            * 14 for hormone treatment
            * 15 for mastectomy
            * 16 for breast augmentation or facial surgery
            * 17 for hysterectomy or fake-vagina-making
            * 18 for fake-penis-making.

            That's awful enough, but it seems (the Daily Signal article is kind of opaque, so I'm not sure about this) that about a year ago WPATH removed any age-related guidelines from its recommendations.

            Another quick search found hospitals that openly state that they will do non-genital-related surgeries on minors under 18. So al in all, I don't think there's any doubt that many, many "gender"-related surgeries have legally taken place in the USA.

          2. Those statistics are unfortunate.

            IMHO unless they have parental permission, I would be opposed to these kind of surgeries for minors. This is certainly not something that should be express tracked. It is also rare in the total population.

            I am less stringent on puberty blockers, but again I don’t think they should be administered to minors w/o parental permission. However when you get up to the years of 15, 16, 17 it gets more problematical, esp. if they eventually do finally go through the gender change process as adults. It can make a very big difference in a person’s appearance if they don’t first go through puberty of the gender they don’t want to be.

            There is the one case I know of, Leelah Alcorn, the Ohio male-to-female trans teen who committed suicide by stepping out in front of a semi-tractor trailer going full speed down I-71 when her parents vehemently opposed her transition. At least her parents don’t have to worry about their boy anymore. I think often about that poor trucker who got dragged into that mess.

            I agree also with ER-Doc. This is largely a mental health issue. But not all issues are resolved by the status quo. Think of all the issues around “conversion therapy” for gay/lesbian people.

            And for the record, no I don’t think people who have gone through male puberty should be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

            Also lets not forget transgenders are a small minority of the population. If schools are not comfortable with cross-gendered bathrooms, they can make an accommodation for a trans-student with a separate bathroom. I don’t think it is appropriate to force a trans student who is dressing in the opposite gender to be forced to use the bathroom of their biological sex. At the elementary school level and even high school level, if you think that a trans kid isn’t going to be harassed in the bathroom, you are only fooling yourself.

            Personally, I wish this issue wasn’t being politicized by either the left or the right. Nor do I think legislation is warranted except perhaps for surgery on minors w/o parental consent. It is a mental health issue. We don’t need to force it onto anyone.

          3. How much of “parental consent” is forced on the parents by schools and society telling them that it’s evil to deny the surgery, how much of it is forced on parents by the very real fear of losing a child to suicide, and how much of it is really freely and willingly given?

            The mental health professionals who are recommending surgery and transition for a 12 year old or younger should be taken to task on whether or not their practices are sound.

    2. What you are talking about is people lashing out in violence because they are unhappy with being transed but there have been a number of trans mass shooters and they are also a violent bloc of Democrat protests.

      Democrats pump these kids full of chemicals and brainwash them into being violent against society. Have you noticed how none of the men claiming to be women act like ladies and none of the women claiming to be men act like gentlemen. They always present as some sort of parody.

      1. Democrats pump these kids full of chemicals and brainwash them into being violent against society. Have you noticed how none of the men claiming to be women act like ladies and none of the women claiming to be men act like gentlemen. They always present as some sort of parody.

        That’s a pretty broad generalization. I’ve known a few transgenders. Their entire focus is fitting into their gender roles that match their identity. The last thing they want to do is to stand out.

        That’s not to say that there are not gender-queer radicals. They are the fringe of the fringe. Unless they break laws, I’d ignore them. If they break laws they should be arrested and prosecuted.

  2. ” I doubt they’re all going to just let bygones be bygones.”
    The revenge of the Mutilated. If they are going to commit suicide they may as well take at least one with them.

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