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  1. Perusing the NR article on Youngkin (clearly this is not his election cycle, 2028 maybe) I stumbled upon this. I didn’t specifically hold any ill-will against Sen. Feinstein, other than the fact that she was a relentless rubber-stamp Democrat. May she rest in peace and good riddance.

    I sure hope this doesn’t mean Adam Schiff gets the nod and we have to put up with his shenanigans in the Senate like we did the House. But then again this is California. What’s worse, is this a portent of what’s to come should Harris/Biden win again in 2024?

      1. …and like McConnell and Biden and Fetterman as well, although there are older folks in both the House and the Senate but do not appear to be as cognitively impaired

        1. Although term limits for Congress wouldn’t necessarily solve this problem, since an electorate could always elect someone with diminished capacity, it would certainly help prevent people from aging into senility while holding onto office over decades. I wonder if it would be wise to also enact upper age limits for serving in any of the proscribed three branches government? This is certainly an issue the founders never thought would be a problem…

          1. Term limits are unlikely to happen because things like committee memberships and chairs are assigned by seniority. You also have things like logrolling and continuing deals, which favor continuing members.
            In shorter words, the Senate and House would have to vote to change the rules. But each member would have to vote against his interest for it to pass.

          2. Face it, for senile members of Congress it’s their staffers not necessarily the MoC that makes those decisions. If term limits were in place Senate and House would no doubt amend their rules to put more emphasis on caucus decisions rather than just seniority. And as I see it, all to the better. Also let’s not forget that at least as far as the Senate is concerned term limits of three terms (18 years) would not have any really dramatic effect other than hopefully eliminating 90+ y/o MoCs since only 1/3rd of the Senate up for reelection every two years by design. Four terms in the House (8 years is enough).

            But politics is a corrupting process. I have no illusions that the required Constitutional amendment would ever pass Congress for presentation to the State legislatures. Only a convention of the States would ever have a chance of passing it.

            A mandatory retirement age for justices on the SCOTUS of 80 also seems appropriate to me.

        1. A commentator to this article points out the fact of how shabbily Feinstein treated Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings. I had forgotten about that. That was not just carrying water for your scummy political party, that’s bombing him with a tanker plane from 1,000 feet.

    1. Fortunately, Schiffhead is not a black woman, so a Maryland fundraiser with no legislative experience got the nod.

      1. I’ve often thought that. Lincoln Project, David Brooks, John “Got Milk” Bolden, Crystal, Lowery, Mitt “Bag of Goo” Romney, “Make a better Iraq” Wolfowitz, etc. etc. etc.

        1. Sorry that’s John “Got Milk” Bolton, who never saw a war he didn’t think we should jump right into.

          1. Talking about wars being jumped right into, there is buzz that UK has a new Defence (how they spell it) Minister offering enthusiasm about getting more deeply committed to and in Ukraine.

            Remember Prime Minister Thatcher chiding President George H. W. Bush to “not go wobbly”? President Wilson was going to stay out of WW-I, and there must have been considerable British influence to become engaged? Wasn’t U.S. engagement in the Cold War at least encouraged by “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an Iron Curtain has descended”? There must be other examples.

            The U.S. is not the U.K., and we famously fought a war, maybe two wars over this. We can act in our own self-interest, but over the years, the British have been skilled at explaining where are interests were.

  2. As a VA resident, I have been reasonably impressed with Youngkin to date, and I do wish we didn’t have a limit that keeps a governor from serving 2 consecutive terms. But I have serious reservations about putting him on the national stage at his current experience level. He certainly is not a viable answer for the Never Trumpers in 2024.

    1. 100% this. “Donald Trump is bad for the country.” I guess the troglodytes at NR like high inflation, everyone working 3 barista jobs, the relentless pressure against the conveniences of modern life like dishwashers and stoves that work, and so on. We know they like having cheap lawn care and pot–oh wait, that last is “Reason”.

      But at least we didn’t have mean Tweets for a few years.

      1. Text my social secretary whenever you want to come over and I’ll make sure the gate is open…

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