4 thoughts on “Manufacturing In LA”

  1. And an oil refinery that services the West Coast.

    And a port that delivers an unbelievably huge amount of import/export traffic serving the entire country.

  2. Soooooo slooww and boring. Could have been a five to ten minute video.

    The problem I see with manufacturing is one faced by other businesses where the barriers to entry keep going up which puts a lot of the cool robot stuff out of reach. It is great that it exists but we need a society that enables step one and not just focusing on step 10.

    Restaurants are a good example of this too.

  3. The first problem for anyone trying to do anything productive in California is that the people in Sacramento are doing their very best to bankrupt you and often succeeding. They’re not going to stop.

    It’s not clear that the forming robots are more productive than the guy with his english wheel, hammers and dollies. From a different video, the tolerances of the robots wouldn’t let you build a car body part. They’re pretty slow and the hourly rate would be pretty steep.

    The same applies to laser sintering. It will be a good while before it’s practical for anything besides prototyping or some very high value parts that can’t be made any way else.

    Very interesting, but then, I’m easily ammused.

    1. Sadly true that Sacramento will – short of some barely imaginable Richter 10 political earthquake – keep laying down speed bumps to frustrate its nuvo manufacturing entrepreneurs just as it has for all of the previous industries that were once big deals here in CA. L.A. may be where a lot of this stuff starts, but I suspect serious scale-up will mostly take place in locales like TX and FL.

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