Bearing Witness

Michael Graham and Nancy Rommelmann viewed the graphic video of the Hamas atrocities, so you don’t have to.

[Thursday update]

Douglas Murray went to Israel.

[Friday-morning update]


6 thoughts on “Bearing Witness”

  1. These essays are so difficult to read, and I cannot even imagine how the writers were able to watch the video

    1. They have access to material that isn’t public but a lot of it has been posted on the Internet too. It was hard to watch but I think it should be easier to access so more people see.

  2. From near the end of the second link:

    No, one woman in the room said. “The people who understand what happened don’t need to see it, and the people who refuse to admit what happened will never change their minds.”

    Those two categories leave out a lot of people. Show the film. And this will undermine the credibility of the people who refuse to admit what happened.

  3. Kudos to Douglas Murray. He understands. Understanding can put one on the path to righteousness.
    Failure to understand cannot.

  4. Hamas are tricksters and one of the tricks they play is making Israel do things that go against their conscience. They don’t just want Israel not to exist, they want Israel to be perverted in the process.

    Can’t kill Hamas without killing civilians and can’t get good PR from the global press without broadcasting the suffering of Israeli civilians. As many people who look at that material with horror, there are as many who would enjoy it. It victimizes Israel in yet another demeaning way and Hamas gets to force Israel into being something they don’t want to be

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