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  1. Title IX nuttery is the reason for me such as the suspension of due process in alleged sexual harassment and assault cases due to an interpretation (termed “guidance”) made without even public debate.

  2. There’s a lot more than 80 billion involved. And the results would have to be improved to just be questionable. As a sixth grade drp out that did a GED and some college, I have a hard time justifying the expense of warehousing students that won’t exert themselves to learn.

    I’m not smart enough to skip 6 years of actual education and still be on a level playing field. Alternative explanation is that many students ae not being taught.

      1. According to Jordan Peterson, approximately 15% of the US population is functionally unemployable, with an IQ below 85. That level (which is only 1 SD below the mean) means they cannot be educated to function in society…. FYI, an IQ of 83 is the cutoff for induction into the US military (Army), below which there is nothing, including being a bullet stop, that a member can do. There is no way to provide cognitive education to overcome that, especially at late teen or older ages

        Yet most schools are required to teach for the slowest in the class, for the lowest potential. Which brings the average down for all

        1. That means that people 50 years ago, which were
          functionally employable, are today, functionally unemployable.
          That means people today have to have higher IQ
          to be functionally employable.
          Which could be applicable to the military, because war is different.

          –James Flynn Changed the Way We Think about Intelligence
          December 18, 2020 Posted on: Andrew Watson

          In 1950, the average score on an IQ test was ~100. In 2020, the average score on an IQ test was ~100.
          Nothing, it seems, had changed.

          Those facts, however, disguise a surprising truth.–

          1. And yet if you look at textbooks from 1950, they will assume a much more attentive and generally more intelligent student than today’s.

            Perhaps it was because they didn’t teach everyone?

          2. The modern Educational-Industrial complex was designed to create skilled factory workers– people who had some math and verbal skills while accepting the idea of regimentation, test-taking, “knowing their place”, etc. Unfortunately, those in power shipped many (most?) of those type of jobs to South and East Asia, cultures more amenable to such conformity. So there no longer being a need for that kind of worker, the E-I complex used their time to install socialist indoctrination conformity. They’ve succeed quite nicely, too.

            (Maybe that means The Elect will be good with bringing those jobs back once they’re sure they’ve got the proper attitudes installed in their American subjects.)

          3. –Perhaps it was because they didn’t teach everyone?–
            I don’t think anyone can make case that the educational situation has improved- though never been good.
            I think we living in the best of times- and I realize how bad it is, and could not be the best of times in the future.
            But I think I can make the case that we are *still* in best of times {and I am excited about Starship and even New Glenn rocket and us going back to the Moon {and then Mars}.
            Yes we seem to be on brink of a world war, the Chinese govt is killing Americans, and lots of other things, not to mention on the brink of global population collapse….

  3. Bryan Caplan linked to a 2010 article/post of his in reply to a tweet about one of Vivek’s proposals: https://twitter.com/bryan_caplan/status/1724092379030765807


    My comment is… Rackets are eternal. They are not going away. That war has been lost. There never really was even a battle. They are going to continue to get get paid with our money. The kids don’t even have to show up.
    Even in the small chance that Vivek ends up president, one thing he is certainly not going to do is shut down the dept of ed or instantly fire 50% of federal bureaucrats. I would rather hear about something he actually has a chance of doing. It’s almost insulting. Admittedly, I haven’t followed him closely enough to know if he’s said anything we can take seriously.

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