12 thoughts on “Violent Students”

  1. Or maybe this is only an excuse and the real reason is the administrators also hate Israel. The administrators are mostly far-leftists too.

  2. I would humbly suggest the MIT Coalition Against Apartheid collect contributions for this fund.

    I have yet to ask my friends that bear the Beaver Ring what they think of this, but I will.

  3. Reminder: This is what Republicans have been dealing with for the last 8 years. The behavior isn’t wrong because it is directed at Jews. The behavior is wrong because the behavior is wrong.

  4. I’m not convinced that the reason those students weren’t expelled was due to the fact that they come from rich families and pay full freight.

    I suspect that MIT didn’t want Muslim Wrath to befall them due to expelling the students.

    1. I miss the legendary MIT story behind the indoctrination ceremony from old days of Freshmen orientation:

      Gentlemen (there weren’t any Ladies in those days), congratulations on your matriculation to The Institute. Now look at the person on your left…. Now turn and look at the person on your right… One of you won’t be here after six weeks.

  5. Losing endowments from the Saudi, UAE and Qatar princes? Not that MIT would place filthy lucre over academic goals. (/sarc)

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