Bari Weiss

…gave a speech for the ages at the Federalist Society.

[Update a few minutes later]

Could the war in Gaza sink Biden? I hope it tears the Democrat Party apart. There should be no doubt at this point from what part of the political spectrum the anti-Semitism emanates. The frightening thing to me is how generational it is. Thanks to the Marxist takeover of our educational system, we’ve managed to raise young people to hate Jews, and to hate America.

[Update a while later]

It is time for us to all be Jews.

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  1. “It is time for us to all be Jews.”

    Look at my last name. You think you know what is says? Look again, carefully, as almost nobody does.

    I have been Jewish all of my life.

  2. I do not think Weiss is correct that anti-Semitism is necessarily a sign of civilizational decline. Spain became a superpower after its Jews were required to flee or convert. Venice continued to thrive after it made Jews live in the Ghetto. It’s just one of those things.

    1. Maybe it would be more accurate to say it’s a solid sign of moral decline. Niemöller is, as always, apropos.

      Bari is a bit behind the power curve, but I’ll take converts to the cause of freedom any day, late or not.

    2. “Spain became a superpower after its Jews were required to flee or convert.”
      Can’t you say the same with Nazi Germany?
      Remind me what was so wonderful about superpower Spain?
      Or for that matter, superpower US or China?
      Also the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union and China killed ten of million of people and US didn’t.
      On should remember that North Korea is controlled by China, North Korea is a hellhole. But so Is China,

      1. Now, North Korea could be simply be called racial hatred.
        But we look at US “illegal immigration”, and pass judgement upon it, more than just the desire for cheap labor or something do about the lack US population growth.
        How is our neighbor to the south doing, has being next door to global superpower, been “helpful”?
        The women of North Korea have “cheap labor opportunities” in China. And China also has a population problem.

  3. Is western civilization, better?
    {and Spain is part of it}.
    Is US better than other nations?
    {you got to imagine EU and US are major aspects
    in terms of western civilization- and you could say India isn’t, but you could say somewhat aligned, but
    is “more independent” not rooted in it. It seems India
    is doing pretty good, and on pathway of being superpower- and it seems pretty exciting/hopeful in terms of the future}.
    Anyways, but one could say Canada is a mess, but it seems to have a reasonable immigration govt policy- unlike the US.
    And anyhow, still listening to:
    The Last Line of Defense By Bari Weiss
    And at same time:
    Leftism is a Euphemism for Narcissism

    It seems both a Lefty and conservatives, and not talking about our useless politicians.

  4. “ It is time for us to all be Jews.”

    Meh, never been terribly interested in adopting the Jewish culture or faith. The food is terrible. With an Irish background I’ve already got a bit of holocaust-y cred, and as an atheist the faith and ritual parts don’t really work for me.

    While I respect the call for solidarity in the face of the terribly human things going on in the Middle East, I don’t really have a dog in this fight, saddled with having friends on both sides of the equation. Unfortunately, as with the Ukraine situation, I consider the whole thing to just be bad actors all around, and it didn’t just start in October.

    [Here’s the ugly part: as an atheist I look at this situation as a bunch of thugs factionally fighting over whose version of made up stuff is correcter. I’m still coming to terms with the unplumbed horror of what is going on over what I consider to be made-up fiction. Is an endless cycle of violence really what it means to be human?]

    1. Humans will murder and steal. According to judo-christian God, murder is a form of stealing a life.
      So, humans will steal.
      Human will also kill, and if in self-defense, that ok with that God.

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