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      1. “Physics needs a shake-up.”

        Yes. But I think the official admission that UAP’s are real have that covered.

  1. Well on the one hand ULA has made rockets that went into orbit.

    On the other hand, like buying Ford I think there’s a lot of baggage there.

  2. Of course they are going to have to prove that the BE-4 engine doesn’t “explosively disassemble”, won’t they?

  3. LOL, seriously?

    ULA relies on Bezos’ rockets for the future….Those rockets have never orbited.

    Anyone see a problem here?

    1. ULA needs BO’s BE-4 engines for Vulcan’s first stage. Those engines have never flown, and even when they do, they will not go into orbit. Staging will take place long before the rocket achieves orbit. Should any of us live so long as to see the New Glenn fly, the upper stage will be powered by two BE-3U engines. The BE-3 is what BO uses to power their New Shepard tourist rocket, and the BE-3U has a larger nozzle for use in a vacuum.

  4. Employees of both ULA and any notional acquiring company excepted, it’s hard to see how ULA changing owners is going to have any influence on the larger space economy beyond the rough magnitude of rounding error. Fun to speculate and gossip about in the short term, but not consequential in the larger scheme of things.

    1. ULA is what NASA built. Bezos hired retired NASA and got nothing. Combining the two? Synergy be damned, nothing times nothing is still nothing

      1. The legacy of ULA comes from the Air Force, not NASA. The Atlas line of rockets date back to the 1950s ICBM development. Although the only thing Atlas V has in common with the original Atlas ICBM is the name, the whole product line was driven by military requirements. Likewise, the Delta line of rockets traces back to the Thor IRBM. Both the Atlas V and Delta IV were designed to meet the needs of the military Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle contract.

  5. If Bezos buys ULA, he is also buying the culture. It would take years of determined effort to change the culture in a company of that size. I don’t think he can do that.

  6. If someone other than Blue buys it, especially if BE-4 is further delayed or even fails, there might be a final chance to finish AR-1 as a drop-in replacement on a resurrected Atlas V. I doubt it, though.

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